10 Reasons to Re-Ignite your Barefoot Business

If you haven’t recently taken a new look at what’s going on, there is a ton to see. Check out this top ten countdown of ways we've been working hard to empower YOU to grow your business:  

Numbers_10.png If you missed the announcement, there's no sales minimum! That's right: Barefoot Books no longer requires an order minimum to remain as an Ambassador. What does that mean for you? It means that you can take advantage of our great offers when it works for you, your customers and hosts!
Numbers_9.png Two Starter Kit Options! Now there is a kit that will fit anyone’s needs and budget!
Numbers_8.png Our first-ever Canadian warehouse will begin shipping in early Augustwith Canadian (CDN) pricing and an online storefront coming September 1!
Numbers_7.png Catalogs are on sale NOW! Our #1 tool at 50% off. Get yours at this amazing price today!
Numbers_6.png Our 6 Months to Barefoot Success plan is supporting our Ambassadors to pave the way to earning $1,000 per month in the next 6 months through 3 easy monthly activities!
Numbers_5.png Barefoot Books' first-ever Leap into Leadership forum is taking the Ambassador community by storm! This forum is challenging every participant to take new steps to reach their personal 6 Months to Barefoot Success!
 Numbers_4.png More support than ever before! Wendy Lindahl and Rachel Sale are teaming up to give our Ambassadors the tools and training they need for success. Want to hear more about these exciting initiatives and get a custom plan to jumpstart your business back into action? Reach out today!
WU_Wendy_200px_0216.png WU_Rachel_200px_0516.png
Wendy Lindahl
Director of Field Development
Phone or text: (218) 590-1181
  Rachel Sale
Ambassador Program Manager
Numbers_3.png Our Living Barefoot Challenge 2016 is right around the corner! Get your business back in action now to start building momentum just in time to earn BIG prizes!

New catalog coming in September...and new books! You'll want to use both right away! Our totally revamped catalog will blow your customers away, include Canadian pricing, and showcase all our one-of-a-kind new singalong, Dinosaur Rap; a gorgeous new picture book, The Blue Bird's Palace; a French-English bilingual edition of Wonderful Words; and lots more! Plus, the new catalog boasts a fabulous cover featuring…

Numbers_1.png The Barefoot Book of Childrencoming September 1! This is THE book that shares what “Living Barefoot” truly means. With hand-painted illustrations by World Atlas artist David Dean, The Barefoot Book of Children is a phenomenal tool for starting conversations about diversity, inclusion and acceptance. A timely and timeless book, it's a must-have title for every child in today’s generation!


These are just a few of the tools and opportunities that are waiting for you to bring your Barefoot business to a whole new level of success starting today. Don't wait, because what you do today will pay off big tomorrow when our busiest season hits full swing!

Today more than ever, our Ambassador family is proving that by “Living Barefoot," we are changing the world every day with every child, family and community we touch.

Get started re-igniting your business NOW by taking advantage of our limited-time, 50% off catalog sale!