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Hana's Hundreds of Hijabs

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ISBN: 9781646866205

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ISBN: 9781646866212

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Written by Razeena Omar Gutta
Illustrated by Manal Mirza

Hana has a humongous collection of hijabs and accessories – and her hijab is always styled superbly. But when her overflowing collection gets a little out of hand, Hana knows something needs to be done . . . and comes up with a clever plan for sharing her talents and possessions with her community! Young makers will chuckle along with this humorous tale of creative problem-solving and learning to help others.

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Key Selling Points:

  • POSITIVE CULTURAL REPRESENTATION: Hijab styling in the context of creative fashion brings a unique, positive and fun perspective to a sometimes misunderstood religious practice. Readers unfamiliar with hijabs will learn about how they are worn, while children familiar with hijabs will see their own experiences reflected.
  • RELATABLE: Children with large, overflowing collections of favorite items will relate to Hana’s dilemma.
  • HUMOR: Clever and humorous story about creative problem-solving.
  • BUILDING COMMUNITY: Models helping others and spreading happiness by sharing one’s own skills and material goods.
  • AUTHOR: Author Razeena Omar Gutta has a strong social media following (Read Little Muslims, @razeenareads), with 10k followers on Facebook and 15.5k on Instagram.
  • ILLUSTRATOR: Manal Mirza (Zahra’s Blessing) has 22k followers on Instagram and drew from her own personal love of fashion to create the illustrations for this book.

More Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 10.75 inches
  • Page Count: 24 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 4-9 years

Awards & Accolades

“A fun and charming introduction to the beauty of hijab” – Kirkus Reviews

About the Contributors

Written by - Razeena Omar Gutta
As a South Asian Muslim born in Zimbabwe and now living in Australia, Razeena Omar Gutta has always had opportunities to explore different experiences and perspectives around the world. She was the founder of the blogs Read Little Muslims and Razeena Reads, where she shared her love of diverse books. Inspired by her three book-loving children and a desire to see books on shelves that she never had growing up, Razeena especially enjoys highlighting Muslim lives in the joyful stories she writes for children.
Illustrated by - Manal Mirza
Manal Mirza is a designer and illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Manal creates her paintings digitally and draws inspiration from her experiences. Being a young Muslim American Pakistani woman, her illustrations highlight the different identities that she juggles day to day. Manal brings her own positive outlook to her work, aiming to empower women around the world.

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