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Now through January 31, 2018, start your Barefoot journey to boost empathy and ignite the love of reading for 50% off!


Barefoot Books | January 2018 Join Incentive


Make this year a meaningful one! Open children's hearts and minds to our wonderfully diverse world through the power of stories! 

We're on a mission to raise the next generation of empathetic, globally literate individuals. Become a Barefoot Ambassador before the end of January 2018, and you'll get your Starter Kit for 50% off — our lowest price ever! 


 __Barefoot Books | January 2018 Join Incentive

__ Barefoot Books | January 2018 Join Incentive

__Barefoot Books | January 2018 Join Incentive 



Barefoot Books | January 2018 Join Incentive


Because we know you want to make the new year matter... 

...if you join our Ambassador program before the end of January, we'll give you 50% off the Starter Kit of your choice - that's our deepest discount EVER!

Choose which Starter Kit works for you:

Get your Barefoot Basics in a Bag Starter Kit (shown left) for only $39.99 USD!

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The more you share your excitement for our beautifully illustrated, high-quality books, the more you earn! As an Ambassador, you'd earn 30% commission on all sales.


Join our diverse community of Ambassadors, made up of parents, grandparents, teachers, caregivers, advocates and philanthropists just like you.



Access all the top-notch tools & training you need to use our empathy-boosting books to make a real impact on kids in your community and beyond!



Make this year matter! Start your Barefoot journey today.


Sale pricing ends at 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.


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