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Mission-Based Entrepreneurism

  1. Raising A Reader

    Change Children's Lives

    Raising Readers Everywhere!

    At Barefoot, we are committed to living out the kindness and compassion we celebrate and promote in our books. Home literacy routines promote healthy brain development, family bonding, and increased literacy skills – all proven elements for lifetime success! That’s why we have partnered with Raising A Reader to donate one book for every order placed on our website. Help us put 25,000 books into children's hands.

    Find new books and gifts for the children in your life today and change children's lives everywhere.

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  2. Meet the entrepreneur founders


    Meet the entrepreneur mothers who started it all! Nancy and Tessa, co-founders of Barefoot Books, share their stories and discuss what living Barefoot means to them.

    Nancy Traversy

    Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Ever since we took our first steps back in 1993, living Barefoot for me has been about stories — the stories we make, the stories we share, the stories that are in all of us and the stories that connect us.

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