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Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Tools to teach children to embrace diversity and inclusion

    Hello, parents, teachers and caregivers,

    According to research, kids begin to develop racial bias during infancy. That's why we need to initiate conversations with our children that actively teach them to embrace diversity and inclusion.

    Not sure where to start? Sign up below, and we'll share tools and tips to help your child learn to value and respect people of all cultures, beliefs, abilities and lifestyles. We'll also guide you to stories that show the vast range of people in our world — and everything we have in common.

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  2. Black Lives Matter

    At Barefoot Books, we stand for justice for Black people everywhere.

    We abhor the recent murder of George Floyd. We not only grieve his life – we also grieve the fact that this is an experience common to Black Americans and Black people all over the world.

    Our mission is to open children’s hearts, minds and worlds. An essential part of this is helping adults raise anti-racist children. Talking explicitly about issues like culture, race, religion, abilities and sexual orientation is crucial – for children and adults alike.

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