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Monthly Archives: April 2021

  1. How kids of all ages can create poems with free “poetry frames”

    Below is a guest post by picture book author and poet, Sarah Nelson, who wrote the I Like the Weather series. Her stories and poems explore a variety of themes, but Sarah especially loves writing about nature, the little (oh, so real) dramas of childhood and inspiring, lesser-known moments in American history. When Sarah is not writing, she teaches English to adult immigrants.

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  2. 3 kid-friendly gardening activities for STEAM learning

    Gardens provide us with so many wonderful treats!

    A thriving garden is often filled with delicious foods, beautiful bright flowers, amazing animals and exciting places to explore. Whether they are small indoor containers or expansive outdoor spaces, gardens are full of mysteries waiting to be solved: Why are bees so important? How do vines climb up poles? Why do some plants need more light and heat than others?

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  3. Top 10 picks for Earth Day reads

    Empower children to care for our planet on Earth Day — and every day!

    It’s never too early (or too late) to teach kids to appreciate and care for our outdoor environments. Our top ten picks for Earth Day reads can lead to simple conversations about respecting wildlife and keeping our world clean. Plus, they offer early science lessons by teaching about plant and animal life cycles, weather, habitats and more! Learning about sustainability and about how different cultures view and value our planet can plant the seed for a lifetime of stewardship. Enjoy digging into our list!

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