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Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. Top 5 ways to ignite your child’s love of reading


    In the absence of schooling or childcare-as-usual, books in the home serve as essential teaching tools.

    Reading aloud is also an easy way to carve out quality time together. So how can we make sure that kids love reading — from birth? It’s surprisingly easy, and you might be pleased to discover you’re doing many of these things already.

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  2. 6 reasons the Barefoot Book Box is a must-have for families right now


    If there’s one thing we all wish we could give the children in our lives during this unusual time, it’s joy.

    With many of their favorite activities on hold and restricted from seeing friends, stir-crazy kids are nearly desperate for fun things to do. And guilt-ridden, exhausted parents are searching for screen-free ways to keep children of all ages safely occupied.

    That’s why we’ve created the Barefoot Book Box*, the new monthly subscription for children from birth to 9 years old: a colorful ray of hope for stressed out families.

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