Community Bookseller Jamaica Stevens at an event.

“I love being able to set up my own little bookstore.”

Ambur Gorman is one of the many who have joined our North American Community Bookseller program to help share Barefoot books with children and families.

She says, “I think that Barefoot just does a great job with helping kids to understand that we all have the right to be here, and no matter what you do, you can make a difference in this world.”

Barefoot Books’ Community Bookseller program offers parents, grandparents, educators and children’s book-lovers the opportunity to run a flexible and meaningful business. And it’s fun! Not only is it a way for Barefoot-enthusiasts to earn an income. It also supports our mission to open children’s hearts, minds and worlds.

“When I found Barefoot Books, I knew that these would be the tools that would help me to impart the grace and wisdom of being a world citizen to my children,” says Community Bookseller Kathleen von Raesfeld.

Jen Mills became a Community Bookseller after she walked into a boutique bookstore in New York and fell in love with our global books.

“It was like lightning hit me,” she says. “I was so excited to see books all about travel for young children, and that focused on beautiful artwork and beautiful stories from all around the world.”


Community Bookseller Ambur Gorman at an event.


Community Bookseller Jen Mills doing a read-aloud.

So how does the Community Bookseller program work?

There are many ways to earn an income as a Community Bookseller. You can sell Barefoot books at community events, school book fairs, fundraisers and online.

Recently, we asked Community Booksellers to share with us photos of a ‘day in the life.’ We received so many snapshots of the quirky and adorable adventures that a Bookseller can have, even while social distancing.

For instance, on one balmy day, Community Bookseller Melissa East ran a StoryWalk for our award-winning picture book The Girl with a Brave Heart written by Rita Jahanforuz and illustrated by Vali Mintzi.

Community Bookseller Melissa East’s StoryWalk of The Girl with a Brave Heart

“Barefoot just does a great job with helping kids to understand that we all have the right to be here, and no matter what you do, you can make a difference in this world”

When you become a Community Bookseller, we provide you with tools, training and support to help you build on your strengths and challenge you to increase your impact. You can even be paired with a mentor to guide you in your journey to running your own bookselling business.

Community Bookseller Alana Stuart with her mentor Jane Hill

Community Bookseller Jamaica Stevens says, “The great thing about Barefoot Books is that they touch on so many meaningful, important things that as people were looking through the books at my event, they were actually sharing things that I didn’t know about them.”

If you’re passionate about sharing books that celebrate diverse cultures and perspectives, then we invite you to learn more! We at Barefoot Books believe that kids of ALL cultures, beliefs, abilities and lifestyles should see themselves represented in books. We aim to capture cultural, racial, physical, neurological and lifestyle diversity in our illustrations and storylines.

“I just feel like it enriches my life to be part of this movement,” says Community Bookseller Shirin Shamsi. “Barefoot Books is a movement to change the world for the better, and I feel so honored to be part of this.”

See a Day in the Life of a Community Bookseller

We asked Community Booksellers to vote on their favorite photo submissions for the ‘day in the life’ contest. See below for a few of the winners’ pictures!


Yoga on the go! (Melissa East)


Goat! (Marsha Miles)


Working the crowd (Cindy Stoeker)


Meow meow . . . Inventory time again! (Jen Mills)


Big sister at the ready! (Laura Moran)


I bartered books for eggs (Jana Harris)

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