Yoga is not about making the pose perfect. It’s about enjoying the process!

Get ready to bend, stretch and pretend in our Yoga Pretzels series. Each video promises a fun new yoga adventure with Teacher Jamaica Stevens from JAMaRoo Kids. From riding on a riverboat to breathing like a bunny, you'll discover all sorts of ways to do yoga.

Let's Play Snake

When they are coiled and resting, snakes look around calmly, and when they are ready to move, they are slow and smooth. Let’s pretend to be snakes.


African Animals Adventure

Fly to Africa on your own yoga airplane and meet elephants, snakes and more. A fun and imaginative yoga journey!


River Boat Ride

Float down a rejuvenating yoga river. Your body will become a river, a boat and a bridge.


Enchanted Forest

Take a private yoga jet plane to an enchanted forest. Will you be able to fly away from Quinn the Quiet Dragon before she breathes fire? An imaginative yoga sequence that develops strength and balance.


Sleeping Bunny

Take deep bunny breaths. This relaxing activity will leave you calm and focused, like peaceful little bunnies.