Maintaining reading routines together at home is so important. New Year's resolutions provide a perfect opportunity for you and your child to restart your routines—or establish new ones! Consider refreshing your child's library this year with titles that can cultivate “cultural” and “emotional” literacy, as well as “book” literacy.


Research shows that children often draw incorrect conclusions about other cultures, and that it’s important for adults to gently correct such misconceptions and challenge stereotypes through open conversation. Sharing stories from around the world is a great way to start a conversation about diversity!


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Through books and thoughtful discussions, we can help children feel confident in their unique identities, identify and express their feelings, and develop empathy towards others. Like reading, math or science, emotional literacy can be taught, but it requires dedicated time and attention. Reading books that address social and emotional issues opens the door for conversation and helps children understand their own experiences.


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