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  1. 4 Ways to Create Family Food Traditions with Kids

    Below is a post from Dr. Paula Jackson. Paula has lived in several countries around the globe, both as a child and as an adult, and has spent the past 15 years working for multilateral institutions and schools around the world with a focus on social entrepreneurship and global citizenship. Outside of education, she is a passionate baker and cook, and strongly believes in the power of food to connect. Paula has recently joined our team at Barefoot Books as Director of Global Citizenship.

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  2. Why we’re getting rid of our CDs

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  3. How to talk to kids about climate change

    Below is an interview with Stacy Clark, author of Planet Power: Explore the World’s Renewable Energy and Christy Mihaly, author of Barefoot Books Water. Stacy and Christy are seasoned educators and climate activists with many years experience teaching children about our changing climate. We asked them to give us tips on how to talk to elementary school age kids (ages 5-11) about this important topic.

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  4. Spark children’s curiosity about the ancient Inka empire

    Below is a guest post by Mariana Llanos, author of Run, Little Chaski!: An Inka Trail Adventure, which is illustrated by Mariana Ruiz Johnson. In this tale set in the ancient Inka (sometimes spelled Inca) empire, the King’s newest royal messenger stops to help several animals in need along the way. Learn more about this boldly illustrated picture book from the author herself.

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  5. Ease autumn transitions with book routines

    Autumn usually brings about a change of pace along with the change of the seasons.

    At this time of year, daily events can easily become fertile ground for epic battles of will: getting dressed and out of the house, drop-off at daycare or school, toileting, dinnertime and bedtime.

    Each of these daily events represents some kind of transition — and when they are experiencing larger changes in their lives (new classroom, new bed, potty training, change in caregiver), children can feel an increased need for control around these smaller daily transitions.

    Predictable routines are a parent’s best friend this time of year; they help children feel safe, reassuring them that some things will always stay the same in the face of any large or small life transition.

    Integrating reading routines into your day can make sensitive transitions easier. Here are some suggestions:

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  6. Illustrating the favelas of Río de Janeiro in ‘From My Window’

    Since its publication in the spring of 2020, our picture book From My Window has received some serious critical acclaim! It earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was a Junior Library Guild Selection in 2020. This past year, From My Window was nominated for the Cybil Award. Written by Brazilian storyteller and theatrical producer Otávio Júnior, the story offers a first-hand view of what children growing up in the favelas of Río de Janeiro see everyday. We spoke to the illustrator Vanina Starkoff about the inspiration behind her vibrant artwork, which juxtaposes brick buildings with lush jungle plants.

    Note: Vanina’s answers have been translated from Spanish. Lee la entrevista en español.

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  7. How inclusiveness and belonging inspired my book ‘Whole Whale’

    Karen Yin, writer and founder of Conscious Style Guide, shares how inclusion and belonging inspired her picture book Whole Whale.

    “One hundred might fit in this tale, but can we fit a whole blue whale?”

    Big Problems require Big Solutions. In Whole Whale, one hundred animals gather in the pages of the book to play. But as the pages fill up with unusual creatures, it becomes impossible for the largest one to join the fun. How can everyone be included when there isn’t enough space?

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  8. Barefoot Books' #OwnVoices Statement

    At Barefoot Books, it is our absolute priority to make sure our contributors, audiences and team members feel safe and respected.

    Following the example of the esteemed publishing industry influencer We Need Diverse Books, Barefoot Books will no longer use the term #OwnVoices as a descriptor for children’s books or their creators, and will be replacing the term with specific descriptors in our marketing materials wherever possible.

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  9. How I illustrated the picture book ‘Whole Whale’

    Illustrator Nelleke Verhoeff shares how she thought up and created the wild illustrations for our animal-counting picture book Whole Whale.

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  10. What inspired us to write ‘Family Reunion’

    Below is an interview with Chad and Dad Richardson, authors of the new picture book Family Reunion, which is illustrated by the award-winning Ashleigh Corrin. Chad is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and a financial analyst who lives in Columbus, Ohio. Dad, otherwise known as Charles, is an Associate Professor of Management and Marketing at Sinclair Community College and lives in Liberty Township, Ohio. Family Reunion is their debut picture book.

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