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  1. Keeping it real with toddler yoga: 10 tips from a yoga-expert mom

    I’m not sure what I really expected when, on a whim, I introduced yoga to my toddler.

    Serenely breathing and moving our bodies in unison? A super relaxing yoga sesh with my mini-me? Needless to say, it was none of those things. It was pretty adorable, though, and I was surprised by my child’s immediate and continued interest in the activity.

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  2. 5 easy mindfulness activities for kids

    Mindfulness can boost adults’ physical and emotional well-being—and a growing number of studies proves that children can reap similar benefits.

    The documented upsides of mindfulness are pretty amazing. <!-

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  3. 5 creative tools for helping kids manage anxiety

    After a summer of an odd “new normal,” many of our home routines are changing again.

    No matter how young your children are, they probably detect a shift, and they may be struggling with their feelings about it. Kids display anxiety in a variety of ways, from demonstrating challenging or clingy behaviors to disruptions in their sleep patterns. Whether your child is showing signs that they feel anxious or acting like it’s business-as-usual, here are five simple and creative ways you can help your kids manage anxiety.

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  4. Yoga Pretzels: bend, stretch and pretend!

    Yoga is not about making the pose perfect. It’s about enjoying the process!

    Get ready to bend, stretch and pretend in our Yoga Pretzels series. Each video promises a fun new yoga adventure with Teacher Jamaica Stevens from JAMaRoo Kids. From riding on a riverboat to breathing like a bunny, you'll discover all sorts of ways to do yoga.<!

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