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Monthly Archives: October 2020

  1. Being Black is normal. Why don't more books reflect that?

    When I was a child, beauty was white or white-proximate.

    Positive representation of Black people in the media was so rare that when we came across it, we ran to it like lost souls in a desert run to an oasis. Of course, we had Jet, Essence and Ebony, the triumvirate of Black mass media for decades. But there is something about stories. Whether they are told on a screen or in books, stories convey a society’s sense of itself—what is acceptable and unacceptable, real and impossible, normal and aberrant. What was and is still missing from children’s literature are depictions of children of colorcolour as radically normal.

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  2. 5 easy mindfulness activities for kids

    Mindfulness can boost adults’ physical and emotional well-being—and a growing number of studies proves that children can reap similar benefits.

    The documented upsides of mindfulness are pretty amazing. <!-

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