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Our mission is to share stories, connect families and inspire children. As a Barefoot Books Ambassador, you can earn income and make a difference. Ambassadors represent our brand and sell our amazing books, songs, animations and games through home parties, community events and online. You can run your business in a way that benefits you and your family.
This is a flexible business, and you can sell books in the way that works best for you. Ambassadors earn money by marketing and selling Barefoot Books products in their communities through home parties or online parties, and through community events like school fairs and fundraisers. The types of events vary from storytimes, to art and crafts sessions, to a moms night out! You can be as creative as you would like.

You can also sell Barefoot Books through your free website, as well as other websites, blogs and social networks.
Home parties are a proven way to scale your business. We are modernizing the home party with a family-friendly twist. Our home parties are designed to focus on storytelling and interactive activities. They are engaging and fun! Ambassadors work with their hosts to create an event that fits their interests and styles. You can have a "World Animals" themed party with kids, a "Fairytales & Cocktails" night out for just grown-ups, or a casual gathering with friends. Barefoot Parties are a simple way to get together for meaningful conversation, convenient shopping and new relationships.
This is your business. You are in control and decide how much time you want to invest in reaching your personal goals. Some of our Ambassadors dedicate 5-10 hours a week to the program; for others, it is a full-time job. The advantage is that you can stay flexible depending on your schedule and earning goals.
Program Costs
Becoming an Ambassador starts when you register online and purchase your Starter Kit for either $139.99 or $79.99, which includes shipping costs.* The Starter Kit is presented in a beautifully-branded Barefoot Books box and contains a selection of our bestselling books and gifts, with a total retail value of over $300. You’ll also receive important sales aids like product flyers, order forms and brochures to help you market your business and organize your first events.
*depending on your location in Canada or the EU, flat rate fees or customs charges may apply.

Your Choice of Starter Kits:
Barefoot Business in a Box: A $350 value for $139.99 USD!
It's so easy to craft a wow-worthy display at your first event with the Barefoot Business in a Box! Bursting with 19 bestselling books a full marketing suite of 25 catalogs, brochures, event signs and more, this 156-piece Starter Kit has everything you need to lay a strong foundation for business success.

Barefoot Basics in a Bag: A $200 value for $79.99 USD!
Take your passion for literacy with you wherever you go with the Barefoot Basics in a Bag! The branded canvas bag is stuffed with 9 bestselling books, 10 catalogs and other marketing materials, making this 105-piece Starter Kit a fun way to start conversations about your business.

Ambassador Renewal Fee
After the first full year in the program, Ambassadors are charged an annual renewal fee of $49.99 on the anniversary of their join date. We have taken all the risks of starting a business out of the equation. There are no hidden fees. By the time you pay the renewal fee, you’ll know if this is the business for you.
Yes! We are here to support you along every part of your entrepreneurial journey. Barefoot Books provides Ambassadors with extensive training options through a variety of platforms.

Video trainings, live chats, conference calls, webinars and downloadable PDFs will help you launch your business into high gear. You can attend live webinar trainings to get immediate answers to your questions, visit our training pages where you can watch recordings on demand, and stay updated through our internal Ambassadors-only blog where we share tips. We also have an annual Ambassador Conference, which is our largest in-person training event.
Yes! It is easy to Find an Ambassador in your area and join a team — this is a valuable resource as you begin to build your business. It is not mandatory to join a team, but it is a great way to find mentorship and experience the Barefoot Books community first-hand.
There are many ways to earn income as an Ambassador. As a new Ambassador you will be eligible for three exciting Kickstart Bonuses, which can help you get your Barefoot Books business off to a great start!

Our compensation plan is very generous by industry standards:
  • 30% commission on ALL sales of qualifying products
  • 15-20% Free Gift Allowance (FGA) on ALL Personal Sales orders of qualifying products placed by you. This is free, built-in product credit that can be used for host rewards, personal use or donations
  • 10-15% Personal Bonus for bonus qualifying in any given month. Bonus qualifying means achieving $300 or more of Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) in any given month (conditions apply)
  • 4-11% of your team members’ sales, with additional cash rewards of up to $3000 per month depending on your leadership level
  • Plus we have amazing rewards including cash prizes, original artwork and global getaways!
All commissions and bonuses earned in any calendar month are paid into your listed US bank account within 10-14 business days of the month following the month in which they are earned. Ambassadors in Canada will be paid by cheque.
There is no order minimum! Manage your business in the best way that benefits you.
There is no sales threshold to remain active as an Ambassador! The Barefoot Books Ambassador program is an opportunity to make income in a way that fits your family needs and life. We want to support every Ambassador who joins the community with a different goal in mind. Not requiring a certain minimum in sales gives Ambassadors the flexibility and freedom to run their business in their own way.
We understand that life can get busy or circumstances can change. You will not be penalized if you decide to leave the Ambassador Program. We also offer medical/emergency leave options if you need to take some personal time off. Again, this Barefoot Books business is supposed to help you reach your personal goals. We will work with you to create the best solution.
Requirements for those looking to return to Barefoot Books’ Ambassador program:
  • If an Ambassador reactivates within one month of leaving the program, there is no fee to rejoin, but the Ambassador loses his or her team members and Founding Member status. 
  • When reactivating after 1-6 months, there is a fee of $29.99 USD. 
  • When reactivating after 6-12 months, the Ambassador will need to purchase a new Starter Kit. 
  • After 12 months, the individual must sign up as a completely new Ambassador and may choose to join with a new team leader. 
To reactivate, sign into your account, click the "Join Now!" button under the Sell Barefoot dropdown.











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