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Riding on a Caravan

A Silk Road Adventure

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ISBN: 9781782853442

Written by Laurie Krebs
Illustrated by Helen Cann

Travel along the Silk Road with a multi-generational family from Xi'an, China, to where China and India meet. Along the way, you'll explore China's varied geography and discover how the Silk Road fostered cultural diversity a century ago. Includes 9 pages of facts about silk, the cities mentioned in the story, Chinese geography and even photos from author Laurie Krebs's travels along the Silk Road!

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  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 9.75 inches
  • Page Count: 32 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 5-10 years

Awards & Accolades

"The variety of fabric patterns, pots and baskets emphasize the mingling of numerous cultures in Kashgar, while details such as leaves that resemble peacock feathers add a touch of whimsy. Krebs's verse... brims with telling details" — Publishers Weekly

"The family's thrilling arrival at a bazaar vibrant with silks and tapestries (collaged from gorgeous decorative papers) will fuel kids' enthusiasm for learning more... Teachers will welcome a concluding map, an endnote on Chinese silk in legend and history, and travel guide-like briefs on each of the featured cities" — Booklist

"The short descriptions of places are accurate, both in the story and in the appended information about the Silk Road and the making of silk. This book is an excellent way to introduce the trade route" — School Library Journal

"With [Riding on a Caravan’s] bright pictures and energetic text — both based on historical evidence — it is likely to nourish young imaginations" — Books for Keeps

About the Contributors

Written by - Laurie Krebs
Laurie Krebs combines her love of children's literature with her enthusiasm for traveling, to create her wonderful picture books that bring readers all around the world. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Bill.
Illustrated by - Helen Cann
Helen Cann has worked as an artist since graduating from the School of Art, University of Wales in 1992. Helen uses all kinds of patterns to create her artwork, including those from textiles, ceramics, furniture, jewelery and even body paint. She has illustrated many books for Barefoot, as well as exhibiting in England and throughout Europe. She currently lives in Sussex, England.

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