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Live Calls & Training

Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. Be sure to add all of the upcoming training opportunities to your calendar and review any recordings of missed calls as soon as possible.

Community Chats, Calls & Meetings

Mark Your Calendars


  • January: Spring release presentation
  • March: Spring Community Call
  • April: Running successful Book Fairs
  • June: Annual Retreat/Conference/Branding Event
  • July: Fall release presentation
  • July: France trip for 2019 Challenge winners
  • September: Fall Community Call
  • September: Invitation to CBs to attend our 30th Anniversary celebrations
  • October: Get ready for gift season training
  • December: End of Year online party / recognition

Training Library

Name of Training


Running Successful Book Fairs

Uploaded April 2022

Learn how schools and Community Booksellers can run book fairs with Barefoot Books. This video covers registering for an account, our 3 book fair options, preparing for and running a book fair, and redeeming free books.

Spring 2022 Community Call
Passcode: 8tScB=3s

Uploaded March 2022

Topics covered: 2022 Barefoot Retreat, Results of Community Bookseller survey, website makeover preview, Book fair/Community Bookseller/Educator initiatives, new counterpacks, upcoming promotions, 30th Anniversary Celebration planning

Spring 2022 Titles Presentation

Uploaded March 2022

Learn about all our Spring 2022 new releases in this video for Community Booksellers!

September 2021 Community Call
Passcode VBu8d.4d

Uploaded September 2021

Topics covered: Barefoot Team updates; Fall Releases arrivals; New Book Fair program; Changes to Community Bookseller accounts; Ongoing and upcoming sales and promotions

Fall 2021 Catalog and New Releases Training
Passcode pW47.=j^

Uploaded September 2021

Join our editorial and marketing teams to get a behind-the-scenes tour of our new catalog and Fall releases.

Fall 2021 Author Panel
Passcode @2PfkatV

Uploaded August 2021

Listen in on an interactive panel with Barefoot Books authors Mariana Llanos (Run Little Chaski), Karen Yin (Whole Whale), Phaea Crede (Jet the Cat), and Chad & Dad Richardson (Family Reunion). Learn about the creative process and inspiration behind these 2021 titles. You'll come away from this training knowing facts and features of each of these books to share with your customers, and you'll gain a connection with each of these talented authors

Website Training
Passcode bJ6SCO*=

Uploaded July 2021

Join us in a walk-through of the Barefoot Books website and learn about useful features and tools available to customers and Community Booksellers.

Community Call: April 2021
Passcode g40f=54B

Uploaded June 2021

Topics covered: Welcome new Community Booksellers, Barefoot team updates, new initiatives and resources, new releases and partner products, and upcoming promotions. 

Summer Reading Program 2021 Training

Uploaded June 2021

In this training, Senior Director of Education & Content, Stefanie Paige Wieder, walks you through our Summer Reading resources and how they’re designed to help you connect with new customers and prospects.

What's New for Spring 2021

Uploaded March 2021

Join our Editorial Team to get a behind-the-scenes tour of our MANY new releases for the Spring.