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Yoga Tots Gift Set For Ages 2-4

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Gift Set
ISBN: 7000005222



Our yoga board books are tailor-made for toddlers! Charming illustrations and step-by-step instructions take little ones through simple yoga routines designed to promote feelings of empowerment (Strong Puppy), calm (Calm Bunny), happiness (Happy Tiger) and courage (Brave Bear). Playful, descriptive language invites young children to pretend to be animals, moving their bodies into specific yoga poses. Creatively integrated movement and breathwork provide strength-building gross motor practice as children engage in imaginary play. Created by experts in children’s yoga, the sequences of poses in this set are safe for the youngest yogis.

1 x Yoga Tots: Brave Bear Board Book
1 x Yoga Tots: Calm Bunny Board Book
1 x Yoga Tots: Happy Tiger Board Book
1 x Yoga Tots: Strong Puppy Board Book

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  • Age Range: Ages 2-4 years

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