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¡Muy verde! / Too Green!

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Bilingual Spanish Board Book

ISBN: 9781646869947

Written by Sumana Seeboruth
Illustrated by Maribel Castells

Joining the Feelings & First series in bilingual Spanish: a young child helps his Mum and Mama cook a green vegetable soup, but then emphatically refuses to eat it. After carefully watching his parents enjoying the meal, the child finds himself pleasantly surprised when he finally tastes it. Full of humor and sound effects, this adorable and relatable tale offers positive models for handling food reluctance. Also available in English.

Key Selling Points:
  • BILINGUAL SPANISH: Text in both Spanish and English supports young children’s language development.
  • SERIES: Joins the endearing Feelings & First series of board books that playfully address common struggles for toddlers.
  • SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Uses empathy and humor to portray a young child’s reluctance to try new foods and offers a positive model for overcoming this common hurdle.
  • DIVERSE: Portrays a two-mom, multiracial family
  • REALISTIC AND HELPFUL: Written in a toddler's voice, the book realistically reflects young children’s thought processes and models language children can use in similar situations.

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More Details

  • Product Dimensions: 6.70 x 6.50 inches
  • Page Count: 26 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 0-4 years

Awards & Accolades

Best Children’s Picture Books in Spanish, Bank Street College, 2024

“Introducing new foods to a skeptical child, an issue faced by most every parent, is joyously tackled in this bilingual board book . . . This book is a welcome addition to any library, especially those seeking to expand bilingual shelves” – School Library Journal

About the Contributors

Written by - Sumana Seeboruth
Sumana Seeboruth writes books inspired by the natural world and her two young children. A night owl, she is most likely to be found writing when her husband and children are fast asleep. She loves music and a noisy, happy house! Sumana is based in London, UK.
Illustrated by - Maribel Castells
Maribel Castells is an illustrator from Mallorca, Spain. In 2020 she took part in PBChat Mentorship Program and was Daniel Wiseman’s mentee. Her work was shortlisted for the Illustrators’ Exhibition at the 2021 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Her creative voice is somewhere between folk imagery and cut-paper aesthetic language, through a bold, mixed-media style with quirky color choices and retro vibes.

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