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Story Cards Gift Collection for Age 3-10

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Gift Set
ISBN: 7000005127


Spark imaginations and build literacy skills with our innovative Build-a-Story Cards decks! Each of these 4 decks includes 36 wordless cards and a booklet packed with activity suggestions. With each deck, kids can play 30+ games, develop storytelling and writing skills, and build endless unique stories with color-coded character, setting and object cards. Each deck also focuses on an additional learning area: mathemetics (Ocean Adventure), social-emotional learinng (Magical Castle), problem-solving (Space Quest), and social studies (Commmunity Helpers). The card decks were designed by a child development expert to grow with children from age 3 to age 10, making this set an outstanding value.

1 x Build-a-Story Cards: Magical Castle
1 x Build-a-Story Cards: Space Quest
1 x Build-a-Story Cards: Community Helpers
1 x Build-a-Story Cards: Ocean Adventure

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  • Age Range: Ages 3-10

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