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The Farmyard Jamboree

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ISBN: 9781782858577

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Written by Margaret Read MacDonald
Illustrated by Sophie Fatus
Sung by Bob King

Quack, moo and neigh along to this riotous cumulative song that features animals of all shapes and sizes. Inspired by a folk tale from Chile, this classic Barefoot Books singalong story introduces children to animals and their babies, and teaches how to count up to 16 in multiples of 2.


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  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 9.75 inches
  • Page Count: 32 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 3-7 years

Awards & Accolades

"Young readers count, review colors, and learn the names of animals and their young in this cumulative tale" — The Horn Book Guide

About the Contributors

Written by - Margaret Read MacDonald
Margaret Read MacDonald travels the worlld sharing stories, and Childe is one of her most beloved places to visit. Margaret has written over thirty books. When not out exploring the world, Margaret settles into the deliciously rainy weather on Guemes Island (Washinton State, USA) and writes more books.
Illustrated by - Sophie Fatus
Sophie Fatus is a full-time artist who is known for her exuberant illustrations. She was born in Paris into a family of artists and now lives in Florence with her partner and two cats.
Sung by - Bob King
Bob King has been performing, teaching and writing for children and adults for over thirty years. He is known for his catchy, clever and fun songs, as well as his entertaining articles, poems, plays and radio shows. Bob has recorded seven albums for both children and adults. He lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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