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Upper Elementary and Beyond (Ages 8-10+) Book Fair Add-on Pack

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ISBN: 7000005106



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Extend your book fair offer with a selection of award-winning books for children ages 7 to 10. This collection includes stunning hardcover nonfiction titles for STEAM learning, an anthology, a global sticker book, activity deck and short chapter books. It's an ideal introduction to all that Barefoot has to offer for this age group.

Retail price: $131.93
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1 x Barefoot Books Solar System (hardcover)
1 x World Atlas (hardcover)
1 x World Atlas Sticker Book (paperback)
1 x Global Kids (activity deck)
1 x Barefoot Books Incredible Animals (hardcover)
1 x Barefoot Book of Earth Tales (paperback)
1 x Stories from Around the World: 4 Tales of Friendship & Loyalty (boxed set)

Please note that items come loosely packed.

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