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Una princesa real

Un cuento matemágico

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Spanish Paperback

ISBN: 9781782850786

Written by Brenda Williams
Illustrated by Sophie Fatus

Practice your math skills while enjoying this quirky take on "The Princess and the Pea." The King and Queen and their three sons are on the search for a real princess, but it is only the Queen who knows the secret. After the story, there is an opportunity for readers to test their counting skills with fun number games.

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  • Product Dimensions: 10.75 x 8.5 inches
  • Page Count: 40 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 4-9 years

Awards & Accolades

"A beguiling mix of number lore and fairy tale" — The New York Times

“A fun take on an old classic" — Kirkus Reviews

About the Contributors

Written by - Brenda Williams
Brenda Williams is the author of over four hundred published poems. A former primary school teacher, she has also written many educational articles and books. Brenda was born in the West Midlands, and now lives in Wiltshire, England.
Illustrated by - Sophie Fatus
Sophie Fatus is a full-time artist who is known for her exuberant illustrations. She was born in Paris into a family of artists and now lives in Florence with her partner and two cats.

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