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Preschool Barefoot Singalongs

For Ages 3-5

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ISBN: 7000004809


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Little ones will love bopping along to singalong books! The Barefoot Singalongs library features preschoolers’ favorite themes while reinforcing early learning. Each singalong includes a picture book and educational endnotes as well as a CD and online access to digital audio and animation! There are so many ways to enjoy: read the book, listen to the audio, sing and dance along! Singalongs improve listening skills and help children learn to follow directions, both important for kindergarten readiness.

Includes paperback with audio and video editions of:
1 x The More We Get Together
1 x My Friend Robot!
1 x Up, Up, Up!
1 x Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
1 x A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
1 x Space Song Rocket Ride
1 x The Wheels on the Bus
1 x Dinosaur Rap

Please note that items come loosely packed.

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  • Age Range: Ages 3-5 years

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