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Kindergarten and School Age Diversity, Inclusion & SEL

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ISBN: 7000005466



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Open your students’ hearts and minds with a unique collection of stories that celebrates our similarities and differences. Relatable characters from around the world serve as role models as they overcome obstacles and learn life lessons. Topics covered include sharing with those in need, standing up for one’s beliefs, parental separation, being kind to others, loss of a loved one, homelessness, sibling rivalry and more.

1 x The Girl with a Brave Heart paperback
1 x The Boy Who Grew Flowers paperback
1 x A Place to Stay paperback
1 x Here and There hardcover
1 x Mama Panya's Pancakes paperback
1 x The Book Tree paperback
1 x Dance Like a Leaf paperback
1 x Lola's Fandango paperback with audio

Please note that items come loosely packed. This set includes one hardcover title, Here and There.

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  • Age Range: Ages 6 and up

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