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Erin Hardie Hale, Community Bookseller

Erin Hardie Hale
Community Bookseller
Community Bookseller Since 10-21-2019
Durham , New Hampshire
Erin's Barefoot Story

Our family has always enjoyed the colorful, multicultural stories in Barefoot books. In 2019, we spent 6 months in Guatemala and fell in love with our community school, La Puerta Abierta in Santiago, Atitlán. La Puerta Abierta is an inspiring and creative educational model for Guatemala’s many indigenous communities, fostering a love of learning, literacy, art and traditional culture and language on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlán. In addition to a Pre-K through 5thgrade school, La Puerta Abierta sponsors a traveling library and storytelling program, teen and adult reading circles, and teacher workshops across the country.  Currently renting space for their upper level classrooms, they are raising funds to purchase their “forever home”. As an ambassador, I donate all sales revenue (about 30% of the price customers pay) to this creative and dedicated learning community.  I hope you’ll join me in giving the gift of beautiful stories to the children and families in your lives while supporting the children and families of La Puerta Abierta. For more information, please visit: atitlanabierta.com 

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