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Christina Foster, Community Bookseller

Christina Foster
Christina's Barefoot Story
Email: barefootinfredericton@gmail.com
Or through her Facebook Page


My name is Christina Foster and I became a Barefoot Books Ambassador about a year or so ago. I fell in love with Barefoot Books while on maternity leave. I was looking for books that weren't based around commercial tv shows or fairytales and I happened to stumble upon Barefoot during my search. This was just meant to be a little hobby for me while I was off work, but I guess life had other plans because I just can't seem to keep myself away! I say I have a *slight* Barefoot Books addiction and I'm ok with that lol.
A bit about our books... They feature social-emotional and life lessons, culturally diverse and socially inclusive plots & characters, and allow every child to see themselves in a story. (Pretty great right!?!?)
If you've been thinking "Hey, I want to be a book lady too!", please send a message to barefootinfredericton@gmail.com and I can give you more details about this incredible opportunity.
And if you're looking for something specific, please, please, PLEASE don't hesitate to ask... Even if we don't carry something that fits, I'd be glad to point you in the right direction :) 

Like my Facebook page to stay up to date on all things Barefoot (and maybe a few random things too!)

And thanks so much for being a part of my story. I look forward to getting to know you and showing you everything this incredible publisher has to offer!


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