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Emily Lawson, Community Bookseller

Emily's Barefoot Story

Emily is a currently a homeschooling mom of 2 young boys on a mini homestead in SW Austin. With a BA in Early Childhood Education and MSN in nurse-midwifery as well as experience in the US Peace Corps and with Habitat for Humanity International, Emily has a wide array of experience and tools to bring to the table. Her homeschooling journey is based loosely on Montessori principles and learning methods and she tries to incorporate yoga, mindfulness and compassion education into the home-school environment. And, of course, her children have many favorite Barefoot Books!​

After years of practicing yoga and mindfulness, Emily trained in Imagination Yoga (for children) in Portland, Oregon. Around the same time she attended a Barefoot Books bookfair and immediately fell in love with the mission and books. As a busy mom, she has worked to combine these resources, skills and her talents to help spread resources to help grow a new generation of inclusive, compassionate global citizens.

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