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Bring Back the Babka!

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Written by Marilyn Wolpin
Illustrated by Madison Safer

When brothers search for their mama’s missing babka in their diverse Jewish neighborhood, they find other delicious treats and words of wisdom from each household instead. Readers can follow clues in the illustrations to solve the mystery of the missing babka in this heartwarming and humorous tale of community members coming together for Shabbat. Endmatter includes information about Jewish cuisine and the 8 traditional Jewish dishes from around the world mentioned in the story, as well as a delicious babka recipe.

Key Selling Points:
  • JEWISH REPRESENTATION: Fills the need for more Jewish stories that are not about holidays or the Holocaust.
  • DIVERSITY: Provides a warm, positive portrayal of a diverse, contemporary Jewish community that includes Sephardic and Black Jewish characters.
  • SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Features themes of community, generosity, helping out your neighbors.
  • HUMOR: There is a hilarious mystery to solve in the artwork: the joke is that a puppy ate the babka and then follows the brothers as they search all over the neighborhood.
  • ENDMATTER: Endmatter includes information about Jewish cuisine and the 8 traditional Jewish dishes mentioned in the story, as well as a delicious babka recipe.

More Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.50 x 10.75 inches
  • Page Count: 32 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 3-8 years
  • Leveling: O
  • Grade Level: 3

Awards & Accolades

“A food-filled mystery that celebrates the diversity of Jewish food and the Jewish community. Readers will be hungry by the story’s end!” – School Library Journal

“I absolutely adore this book. Everyone should read it (but not on an empty stomach!)” – Lesléa Newman, author of The Babka Sisters

“This simple and cleverly told modern folk tale is sure to become a classic” – Allison Ofanansky, author of A Sweet Meeting on Mimouna Night

“Who doesn’t love babka or any sweet, home-baked treat? The accompanying backmatter – especially a babka recipe – adds another delicious layer to this delightful book!” – Valerie Bolling, author of Ride, Roll, Run

Bring Back the Babka’s mouth-watering account of a quest for a missing pastry imparts a message of neighborly goodwill that is certainly welcome in these rather volatile times. The colorful illustrations add to its folksy feel” – Randi Hacker, author of Life As I Knew It

About the Contributors

Written by - Marilyn Wolpin
Marilyn Wolpin isn't much of a baker, but she's been known to enjoy a thick slice of chocolate babka. Born and raised in Lakewood, New Jersey, Marilyn was surrounded by attentive Jewish mothers, grandmothers, and aunts who ladled out love and advice in heaping bowlfuls. After a long career in publishing and market research, Marilyn retired to write books for children.
Illustrated by - Madison Safer
Madison Safer is an illustrator who is happiest in a forest full of mushrooms. Her work is often centered around themes of nostalgia, home and the quiet woods of New England. She is inspired by Russian folk art, Jewish paper cuttings, quilt patterns, and the warmth of a fire after a very cold day. She received her BFA in illustration studies from Montserrat College of Art and currently resides in the sleepy hills of Western Massachusetts. When she is not napping or drawing, Madison is best found drinking tea, practicing her challah braid or stealing flowers.

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