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Calling all Planet Protectors! From turning off the lights to eating local produce, even the littlest things you do add up to make a big impact — when we all do them together. That's why we're planting one tree across the globe for every Barefoot product purchased in April! This month, when you share Barefoot books about kindness, compassion and courage, you show the kids in your life that their little actions today can make a big difference tomorrow.

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Even little people can make a big impact on the planet they'll inherit! With award-winning illustrations, real-world heroes and green activity ideas, these products are just what you need to inspire kids to protect our planet's precious resources for the future.


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From daring journeys to seaside adventures, each of our fun new books will sow seeds for your child's literacy and learning. The more stories you share now, the deeper their love of reading's roots of grow throughout their lives.


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Do the kids in your life know where food comes from? It’s such an important topic! When kids learn about the origins of food, they discover how eating local produce conserves natural resources and invigorates their local environment. So inspire them to work together to grow a greener world with these fun outdoor tales!


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