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Daddy Island

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ISBN: 9781841481982

Written by Philip Wells
Illustrated by Niki Daly
There are so many wonderful things you can become when you're a child on Daddy Island - a noisy storm, a tall tree or the quiet sand. The interactive text celebrates the bond between father and child and invites physical parent-child play.

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  • Product Dimensions: 10.25 x 9 inches
  • Page Count: 24 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 3-7 years

Awards & Accolades

"Daly makes the seaside an active part of the story: the circle of waves and sky is like the father's embrace that gives the child the strength to be strong and independent. Children and their dads will enjoy acting out the verses and adding their own magical games" — Booklist

"The story highlights a special relationship in which an adult is the springboard from which a child can leap into unbridled possibilities. A delightful selection to share one-on-one or with a group" — School Library Journal

About the Contributors

Written by - Philip Wells
Philip Wells appears as "The Fire Poet" in theaters and churches, pubs and castles, prisons, hospitals and schools, and has been praised by the Evening Standard as "the foremost performance poet in England." He has published two collections of poetry as well as his children's writing.
Illustrated by - Niki Daly
Niki Daly has been illustrating and writing children's books for over twenty years. He has a long list of awards to his name including the prestigious 1995 New York Times Certificate of Excellence for Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky. Niki lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

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