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How Starling Got His Speckles

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ISBN: 9798888590676

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ISBN: 9798888590669

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Written by Keely Parrack
Illustrated by Antonio Boffa

Star the starling wants to sing all by himself so that everyone will look at his beautiful feathers . . . but when a hawk comes hunting, Star discovers that there’s more strength and power in community than in being alone. This thrilling original fable about why starlings flock in murmurations and why their wings have speckles will draw readers in again and again.

Key Selling Points:
  • NATURE AND BIRDS: A dramatic, page-turning read-aloud with animal characters that will appeal to bird watchers, nature lovers, and all kids curious about animals.
  • STEAM: Explores biological questions like why starlings have speckled wings and why they form murmurations through a fascinating original folktale.
  • SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Has a heartwarming message about teamwork, friendship, and the importance of community.
  • KID APPEAL: Lyrical writing paired with a suspenseful and satisfying plot, plus a touch of comedy.
  • ENDNOTES: Endnotes give more information about starlings and their habitats, including the scientific reasons why they grow speckled wings in winter and why they form enormous flocks (murmurations).

More Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.50 x 10.75 in
  • Page Count: 32 pages
  • Age Range: Ages 4-8 years
  • Leveling: Q
  • Grade Level: 4

Awards & Accolades

“Pride nearly leads to a fall for a standoffish starling” – Kirkus Reviews

About the Contributors

Written by - Keely Parrack
Keely Parrack first came to the USA from the UK over twenty years ago and liked it so much that she stayed. Today, she lives in California with her husband and sons, where you will find her exploring nature and taking too many photographs. She shares her love of nature and travel through her picture books and young adult novels which include the children's book Morning, Sunshine! and the young adult thriller Don't Let in the Cold.
Illustrated by - Antonio Boffa
Antonio Boffa is a children's book illustrator, painter, engraver, ceramist, and graphic designer. He has published numerous illustrated books and has won awards for his work both in his home country of Italy and abroad, including the Lucca Comics Junior International Award for Illustrators in 2011 and 2012. He also runs graphic design and creativity workshops for children and collaborates with publishing houses for graphic consultancy.

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