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Kim Lalonde, Community Bookseller

Kim Lalonde
Kim's Barefoot Story

I love Barefoot Books because they are in tune with today's world.

The books present such diversity, inclusivity and global stories. Every child, no matter their skin tone, their size, their race, their abilities, their situation, can see themselves in the pages of these books.

Stories exploring feelings and emotions, card decks with activites such as mindfulness, yoga, kids' cooking and gardening, and global stories of children from around the globe are presented for your child's enjoyment and education.

Beautifully illustrated and of the highest quality these books are a welcome addition to any home, classroom, or school library.

Barefoot also has a wonderful fundaising program and if your group is looking to raise some funds I can set up an exciting program tailored specifically to your group.

If you would like to join Barefoot to receive discounted and free books for your family or to earn yourself an income I would be pleased to offer my enthusiastic (but non-pushy!) assistance.

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