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Cindy Stoecker, Community Bookseller

Cindy Stoecker
Cindy's Barefoot Story
My Barefoot story started when my granddaughter received Octopus Opposites and Over in the Meadow in a Citrus Lane box.  From then on out we were hooked.  I wanted to buy every book for her but when I realized that as an Ambassador I not only could afford to do so but I could also promote literacy throughout my community I was talking Barefoot everywhere.  Being a Barefoot Books ambassador gives me the freedom to pick my own hours, be my own boss, and continue to get this beautifully written and illustrated books for my granddaughter.  Join me and my team!!!  I love being Barefoot!! *****After selling Barefoot Books for 5 years, my why is the same but now I'm looking forward to more grandchildren that I can share these books with.  Join Barefoot Books and you too will enjoy spreading the love of books!!
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