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Pamela DeCicco, Community Bookseller

Pamela DeCicco
Community Bookseller
Woodbine, Maryland
Pamela's Barefoot Story

Hi, I am Pamela a Community Bookseller from Maryland. Barefoot Books open up the magic of childhood and reading in a unique and special way that I have not found in most other children's books.

Barefoot is an independent publisher that was looking to create beautiful and engaging books that were a step away from the commercialization of childhood in our modern world. They have a commitment to diversity and inclusion, along with operating using sustainable business practices.  

These were all things that drew me to Barefoot when my children were younger and I have never ceased to be amazed.  As a previous preschool teacher I have a special place in my heart for children's books. And though I no longer teach and my children are older I still believe that a special book in the hands in of a child is a step towards making a child's world and the world at large a better place. 

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