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Jean Singam, Community Bookseller

Jean Singam
Community Bookseller
Portland, OR , Oregon
Jean's Barefoot Story

My name is Jean. I live in Wellington, New Zealand. My husband, Willie and I have 3 children. I enjoy spending time with my children, watching them grow and develop as they discover new things daily. Often, you will find me on the couch with a pile of children's books reading to my children. My eldest is 8 and she still loves it when I read to her.  When I am not busy nurturing my children and taking them to their activities, I work part time for a leading international accounting firm.
Barefoot Books Wellington/Children's Books New Zealand is my hobby business. It's my stress reliever after a hard day dealing with numbers . I enjoy discovering new children's books and new insights about literacy and children. I spend countless hours on the couch with my children pouring through books, helping my children discover new words, examining illustrations etc. It never ceases to amaze me how we keep discovering new things about a book even though we've read it cover to cover a zillion times. Visit my New Zealand website www.childrensbooks.co.nz

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