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Marsha Miles, Community Bookseller

Marsha Miles
Marsha's Barefoot Story


My name is Marsha Miles. I became an independent seller of Barefoot Books in 2007. I am a former kindergarten teacher and I taught preschool for eleven years. I also worked as a reading teaching assistant in a local elementary school.  Now I am doing my Barefoot Books business full time.


My first introduction to Barefoot Books was when my preschool director handed me The Animal Boogie. The Animal Boogie is a bright, colorful book, which includes a music cd, sung by children's singer, Fred Penner.   After our initial introduction to this wonderful book, the children and I read, sang, and danced to Animal Boogie every day of that school year. We never tired of our favorite book.  I eagerly went to Barefoot Books' website to buy more books. There I discovered I could start a business selling these amazing books. This was something I always wanted to do, but until then had I never found the right company. Barefoot Books is the right company!  I love how our books celebrate art and story, encourage creativity and imagination, and value cultural diversity and the environment.  Partnering with Barefoot Books has become the perfect fit for me. My own two children are grown, but with Barefoot I am able to still share incredible children's books.  I have even found titles to share with my grown children.  Living Barefoot is not just for children!  After thirteen years in my Barefoot adventure, I still get excited when I hear Fred Penner sing the opening lines of The Animal Boogie, “ Down in the Jungle, come if you dare!”


Feel free to contact me.   I would be happy to share my enthusiasm for Barefoot Books with you. “Step Inside a Story”. You will be glad you did.  -Marsha Miles

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