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Lorna Winnicky, Community Bookseller

Lorna Winnicky
Community Bookseller
Community Bookseller Since 05-08-2017
Hudson's Hope, British Columbia
Lorna's Barefoot Story
I was raised and still live on a cattle ranch in northern British Columbia in the beautiful Peace River Valley. Along with cattle we also raise sheep, pigs and chickens. Never a dull moment. I am married and have 2 sons, a daughter in law and in Oct 2016 became the grandmother to a wonderful baby boy.
I am on the cusp of retiring from a very satisfying career as a teacher and was not really looking for another job, but when I saw the Barefoot Books display at a local homebased business show I could not help but becoming involved. Literacy, especially early literacy is my passion. As a teacher in a K-12 school I have had the pleasure of working with students at all levels of the literacy scale. I believe that books can make a difference in every life.
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