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Award-winning books and activities for children ages 0-9 years, delivered monthly -- directly from the publisher.

Designed to help you raise caring, open-minded, global citizens who can think critically and creatively.

Each box includes a collectible artist’s print and expert tips for cultivating literacy, kindness & more.



  1. I Took the Moon for a Walk
    I Took the Moon for a Walk

    Starting at CA$10.99

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  2. Baby's First Words
    Baby's First Words

    Starting at CA$9.99

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  3. One Moose, Twenty Mice
    One Moose, Twenty Mice

    Starting at CA$8.99

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  4. Bear in a Square
    Bear in a Square

    Starting at CA$6.99

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  1. The Tiny Baker
    The Tiny Baker
    was CA$22.99 Special Price CA$16.99
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  2. The Animal Boogie
    The Animal Boogie

    Starting at CA$12.99

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  3. Mama Panya's Pancakes
    Mama Panya's Pancakes

    Starting at CA$10.99

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