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Jamaica Stevens, Community Bookseller

Jamaica Stevens
Sales Leader
Community Bookseller Since 03-22-2016
Jamaica's Barefoot Story

Jamaica Stevens is a teacher, entrepreneur, speaker, author, self-taught chef, and children’s music artist and producer.

In 2004, after teaching preschool for 7.5 years, Jamaica founded JAMaROO Kids, which specializes in weekly enrichment classes for young children at over 100 schools in California.

Her work includes "The Vegetarian Cookbook for Kids" published by Rockridge Press and "Yoga Adventure!" published by Barefoot Books, as well as producing the original children's album "Celebrate with JAMaROO Kids", which can be found on Apple Music, Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

Jamaica presents at educational conferences all over the United States and has captured the attention of over 2 million views on the JAMaROO Kids YouTube Channel. Jamaica has been sharing Barefoot Books with her students and the community for over a decade. 

To learn more visit www.jamarookids.com

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