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Riza Eusebio, Community Bookseller

Riza Eusebio
Community Bookseller
Community Bookseller Since 09-15-2022
SAN DIEGO, California
Riza's Barefoot Story

Hello! I've been an elementary teacher for 25 years, and I'm passionate about education, children's literature, and cultural diversity.

When I first saw Barefoot Books many years ago, I loved them! I bought them for my family and friends, as well as my classroom library. 

I became a Community Bookseller to share my passion with others and get these amazing books in the hands of children and their schools. They will see and appreciate how stories, cultures, and art are woven together in Barefoot Books, and my hope is that they develop compassion, acceptance, and appreciation of people around the world.

Join me as I choose to Live Barefoot!

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