Ambassador Reference Guide UK

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The Basics

  • To put it simply, a Barefoot Books Ambassador shares stories, connects families and inspires children. They can be a parent, grandparent, teacher, librarian, storyteller, artist, musician or entrepreneur with a shared commitment to the importance of imagination and creativity in children’s lives. Ambassadors earn money by marketing and selling Barefoot Books products in their community through home parties, social selling events, nurseries, schools, charities and local events. They can hold storytime, art and crafts sessions or Barefoot birthday parties. Some Ambassadors work from home, some have part-time or full-time careers and others are retired.

    The Ambassador Program is currently available to individuals in the United States (excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and individuals who reside at an APO address), parts of Canada, the U.K. and parts of Europe*. It’s an exciting business opportunity where you can write your own success story by building your business in a way that adjusts to your lifestyle, your family values and your personal interests. The Ambassador Program is flexible, fun, creative… and incredibly rewarding!

    Click here to Step Inside the Ambassador Opportunity, and learn more from CEO Nancy Traversy and a selection of our Ambassadors.

    *At present, the Barefoot Books Ambassador Programme is available only to individuals residing in the following European countries: United Kingdom / Austria / Belgium / Denmark / France / Germany / Guernsey / Ireland / Isle of Man / Italy / Jersey / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland

  •  It is not mandatory to join a team. However, if you decide to do so you can either choose a sponsor during the registration process or click Find an Ambassador to be in touch via their Ambassador Profile.

    Once you've decided on a sponsor, select the Join My Team>> link when viewing their online Profile. Once you choose a sponsor and join a team, you cannot change teams. Be sure of your decision before joining a team.

    Barefoot has made it a hard set rule that changing teams cannot be allowed. This is a policy that allows us to keep the compensation plan and team structures reliable. No exceptions will be made. This allows us to maintain the lineage of a team and the integrity of the programme and Leadership status.

  • There are two key elements to achieving and maintaining your Ambassador status: purchasing your Starter Kit and achieving and retaining an Active Threshold.

    • Starter Kit

    Becoming an Ambassador starts by registering online and purchasing your Starter Kit for £89.99 which includes shipping costs*. The Starter Kit is presented in a beautifully branded Barefoot Books box and contains a selection** of our bestselling books, a puzzle and a puppet, with a total retail value of over £200. You’ll also receive important sales aids like such as product flyers, order forms and brochures to help you market your business and organize your first events. 

    Should you wish to leave the program, you may return your Starter Kit at your own expense within twelve months of the purchase date. The Starter Kit must arrive with all items in a fully saleable condition to receive a full refund.

    *Starter Kits are delivered by DPD parcel courier, which is a trackable service. Delivery to addresses in UK mainland are free of charge for purchases over £60 and take approximately 7-9 business days. Delivery to other UK and European addresses are charged between £14.99 and £24.99  per order and takes approximately 10-14 business days.

    ** We reserve the right to make appropriate changes to the contents of the Starter Kit, if and when required.

    • Active Threshold

    In order to remain an active Ambassador, you must achieve and maintain an Active Threshold. This equates to £300 worth of Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) in any rolling six-month period (April–Sept, May–Oct, June–Nov, etc.). Your PQV reflects the online retail value of Personal Sales orders placed by you before your 30% Ambassador discount is applied, and the online Referral Sales orders placed by your customers over a specified period of time. Any orders placed in the partial month in which you join are added to the initial rolling six-month PQV. If these criteria are not met, you will be deactivated from the programme. 

  • Ambassadors are charged a renewal fee once per year of £29.99 to remain in the Ambassador Programme. This fee does not go into effect until after an Ambassador's first year in the program. The fee is charged as follows:

    • Beginning 1 January 2015, the annual Ambassador Renewal Fee will be charged for the amount of £29.99.
    • If Ambassadors joined less than one year ago as of 1 January 2015, they will be charged in 2015 on their first anniversary date of joining.
    • All new Ambassadors will be charged on the year anniversary of joining the program.
    • Ambassadors will receive an email reminder 7 days before the Ambassador Renewal Fee is processed with the credit card on file. Credit card details can be updated at any time here .
    • This Ambassador Renewal Fee, once paid, is non-refundable. The Ambassador Renewal Fee covers the following full year of an Ambassador’s membership. If an Ambassador deactivates within that year, he/she can reactivate his/her account without requiring an additional Ambassador Renewal Fee payment. The cost of supporting the Ambassador’s membership is committed on an annual basis, so it cannot be prorated.
  • There are many ways to earn income as an Ambassador. You can learn more below and by reading the Compensation Plan.

    • 30% Ambassador discount on ALL Personal Sales orders of qualifying products placed by you.  You can sell these products to customers for up to the full recommended retail price, equating to 30% profit (or more if purchasing sale items).
    • 30% commission on ALL online Referral Salesorders. Referral orders are placed by your customers via your online Marketplace, and carry your Ambassador Affiliate Code. You will receive 30% commission on the net value of your online Referral Sales after any special offer discounts. 
    • 15–20% Free Gift Allowance (FGA) on ALL Personal Sales orders of qualifying products placed by you. You will earn 15% FGA on every individual order with PQV of £199.99 or less, and you will earn 20% FGA on every individual order with PQV of £200.00 or more. FGA is “virtual money” that needs to be “spent” on other qualifying products, and needs to be redeemed within the same order on which it has been earned (it does not carry over to future orders). Items purchased using FGA should be treated as additional stock and can be used, for example,to fulfill customer orders, to add to your stock/display, as samples or a reward for an event host, or as a book donation for fundraisers. You and your customers DO NOT earn FGA on online Referral Sales orders.
    • 10% Personal Bonus for bonus qualifying in any given month. Bonus qualifying consists of achieving £200 or more of PQV in any given month.
    • Team and Leadership bonuses are other ways to earn income.  

    Exclusions: Online Referral Sales orders are only possible from within your region (North America OR Europe). You will not be credited for any orders outside of your region.


  • As a new Ambassador you will be eligible for three exciting Kickstart Bonuses, which can help you get your Barefoot Books business off to a great start!  You can earn Kickstart Bonus Kits containing free books and sales aids when you reach specific sales levels in your first 30 and 60 days, with a full day being defined as the elapsed duration of 24 hours timed to the minute of registration (not full calendar days 00:00am–23:59pm).

    Should you qualify, your Kickstart Bonus Kits will be delivered to you following the achievement of each Kickstart. You will receive a shipment confirmation by email to let you know when the Kit is on its way.

  • All commissions, bonuses and credit card overpayments/overage for any calendar month are paid into your listed UK bank account within 10–14 business days of the month following the month in which they are earned. If your earnings are less than £20 in any month, the commission will be rolled over to the next month and will be paid out after the total commissions exceed this minimum threshold.  A commission statement is made available in your Ambassador Business Centre > Personal > Documents by approximately the 5th business day of the following month.

    You can change your banking information in My Barefoot > My Account > Bank & Tax Info.  Please send an email to to confirm you have made an update.

  • Your Ambassador Marketplace is your personal Ambassador website. It is one way to connect with other Ambassadors, potential team members and customers. Your Marketplace URL will be assigned in the following format: To ensure your Marketplace is up to date, be sure to fill out the following sections:

    • About Me: Visit My Account > About Me to customize the text on your Ambassador Profile. This tells people about you, your interests and how you are living Barefoot.
    • Sites I Like: Also in My Account > About Me, you can add any external websites you are happy to associate yourself with.
    • Profile Picture: You can add a profile avatar (i.e. photo or other image) under My Account > Profile Picture.

    When visitors make purchases through your Marketplace page, these count as Referral Sales, generating a 30% commission for you. Visitors can view content you post in the following sections:

    • My Favourites: Publicize up to six of your favourite Barefoot products in My Barefoot > Marketing > Marketplace.
    • My Events: Publicize your online and live events in My Barefoot > Marketing > Events.
    • My Reviews: Post product reviews to entice customer sales.
    • CONTACT ME>>: This option enables customers or other Ambassadors to get in touch, sending an email to your registered email address.
    • BECOME AN AMBASSADOR>>: This option is only visible when being viewed by someone who is not an active Ambassador and starts the process of Join Now!, which is also available via Sell Barefoot > Join Now!
    • JOIN MY TEAM>>: This option is only visible when being viewed by an active Ambassador, and starts the process for unattached Ambassadors in your region (i.e. Europe OR North America) to choose you as a sponsor and join your team.

    Please note: To ensure your Marketplace is visible to the public, go to My Barefoot > My Account > Password & Preferences.

  • To place an order, log into your Barefoot Books Ambassador account and follow these steps:

    • Click Buy Barefoot to browse the full catalog of products and Sales Aids.
    • Add the items you wish to order to your shopping basket.
    • Click on the shopping basket at the top of the screen to review the full list of items.
    • Check your planned purchases; you will see the Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV), Bonus Volume (BV) (your PQV minus the 30% up-front discount you receive) and the Free Gift Allowance (FGA).
    • Enter a special offer code, if you have one, at the bottom left.
    • Purchasing Host Specials:

      • Host Specials will be listed on Buy Barefoot for their full retail value.
      • To purchase a Host Special at the discounted price, you will need to have achieved $300/£200 in PQV at your party, and thus have $300/£200 or more as the subtotal in your cart.
      • You may buy only one Host Special for every $300/£200 ordered.
      • • To then receive the 60% off discount, use the code HOST60UK or HOST60NA at checkout.
      • Host Specials will remain non-commissionable, and Ambassadors are highly discouraged from purchasing the set at full price.
      • Host Specials will remain available for purchase only by Ambassadors.
    • Spend your FGA before completing the order.
      • The FGA is the allowance that you earn with each order you personally place. When placing an order for a party/event it is intended to be used to reward the Host; as part of the ‘Host Reward’. As the Ambassador you may also be the Host at your party and spend the FGA to add to your inventory or use as gifts or incentives.
      • Either click Checkout at the bottom of the page or use the FGA link in the right-hand panel. You will see the amount of FGA you’ve earned, and as you begin to select your FGA books, you will see the amount you have remaining. These amounts will update as you add more items to your order or select items with your FGA.
      • Your FGA must be spent in the same transaction in which it is earned. Any unused FGA will not be carried over and will expire once the order is placed.
      • You are able to select items over the amount you have accrued for your FGA. This overpayment/overage will be added as a cash value to your order total when you checkout, but will not count toward your PQV.
      • Once you have utilized all your FGA and are satisfied with the order, click Checkout to review your main order and FGA order. If you are not satisfied, you can change the main order products or the FGA products from this screen.
      • Check out using one or multiple credit cards.
      • Your order will arrive via the delivery method and within the time period noted.

    If you’d like to gain a better understanding of this process, you can watch a step-by-step tutorial on Placing an Order and Free Gift Allowance.

  • You may provide your customers with one-time use and multi-use special offer codes issued periodically by Barefoot Books. Such codes should not be used by Ambassadors when processing Personal Sales orders. Codes that may be used by Ambassadors will be confirmed explicitly by Barefoot Books.

    Only one special offer code may be used per order. We are not able to retroactively apply a special offer code to an order that has already been placed.

  • We offer special online discounts that Ambassadors can offer to party hosts as a way to incentivize them to host a Barefoot Books party. These specials are sometimes incorrectly used by Ambassadors to add to their own personal stock. While this is not a forbidden activity, it is highly discouraged for these reasons:

    • Host Specials never count toward your PQV. While it's a tempting discount, you do not earn PQV that counts toward commissions, bonuses and challenges.
    • Keeping a large amount of inventory in stock can work against you. This can mean financial risk; it’s better to place orders as you receive them.

    Host specials are more fun and enticing to your hosts if it’s an exclusive offer that only they can earn! To learn how to purchase these Host Specials as they were intended, please read this guide here

  • Whether your customers buy from you at a live event or online, you have a number of options when it comes to accepting payment:

    Live Events

    • Credit Cards: Barefoot Books does not currently offer a mobile credit card service. Credit cards accepted through the Barefoot Books website include American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.
    • Personal checks, payable to you
    • Cash

    Online — Ambassador Order

    • As an Ambassador, you have the option of applying multiple credit card payments toward a single online Personal Sales order — usually to process customer credit card payments from a Live Event — should you wish.  Any overpayments will be reimbursed to you in your monthly commission statement. The following information is required for each credit card:
      • Credit card number
      • Security code
      • Expiration date
      • Full name of card holder
      • Customer contact details (telephone number(s) and email address) in case a card is declined
      • Customer address if you are having the items shipped directly to the customer (a separate order is required for each delivery address) or you will ship the items to the customer once you have received them as part of a larger order
      • Amount to debit from the card

    Please remember, it is your legal obligation to destroy any credit card details you have recorded as soon as these details have been used for the transaction(s) authorized by the customer. Any future orders made by the same customer require you to obtain card details from them afresh.

    Online — Customer Order
    If your customers are ordering directly through your Marketplace, they may use American Express, Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

  • Barefoot Books ships to addresses within the United Kingdom and select European countries. We highly recommend checking each shipment as it arrives to ensure that all items ordered are included. Orders are shipped by either Royal Mail or DPD parcel courier.

    • For standard UK deliveries the flat rate shipping charge is 2.49 plus 50p per additional item (capped at 4.99).
    • Ambassadors receive free P&P on orders of £60 or more in Bonus Volume. Geographic restrictions apply. 
    • A non-trackable form of shipping, Royal Mail 2nd Class Post, is use for UK deliveries weighting up to 1.8kg. Orders weighting over 1.8kg will be shipped by DPD, a signed-for courier service.
    • We also offer a premium 48 hour delivery option which costs 9.99 per order. This service guarantees delivery in 2 business days. Orders need to be placed by 11am GMT.
    • Any orders for free P&P are valid only for shipments with the UK mainland.
    • We reserve the right to change P&P charges at any time.
    • European deliveries beyond UK mainland are shipped by either airmail post or courier according to the weight and volume of the order. The typical European delivery time is 10-14 business days. 
    • Returns

    Unfortunately, website orders cannot be changed or canceled after they have been placed. Our warehouses are completely automated so we are unable to manually change orders after they’ve been submitted. Therefore, please make sure you check your order thoroughly before clicking the final “Purchase” button.

    We only accept returns on qualifying products from Ambassadors if they resign from the program. Please contact if this applies to you. Ambassadors cannot exchange products at any time.

    • Damages
    If you have received a damaged or defective item, please call 1-866-215-1756 or email and include your name, order number and pictures of the damaged items. We will assist you in getting replacements if the item is damaged.

    Damaged items are defined as:
    • A book / non book product that arrives ‘crushed’ 
    • A book that arrives with a completely torn or wrinkled book jacket 
    • A book / non book product that has an obvious flaw, such as an incorrect page within a book, an upside down page, a CD that will not play 
    Non-Damaged products are defined as:
    • A curve in a paperback book 
    • A slight indent in a book or book jacket 
    • A tear in a book jacket of less than 1/8th of an inch 
    • A tear in a book page of less than 1/16th of an inch 
    • A smudge on a book cover or book jacket that can be wiped off 
    • A slightly worn book corner or book jacket 
    • An indentation of a CD in the cover of a paperback book 
    • A tear, pucker or crease in the packaging of a CD or other shrink-wrapped product 
    If you are handling a return from a customer who has purchased from you, please refer to our customer instructions located here

Business Tools, Training and Support

  • A wide variety of business tools are available for you to use at no additional cost. All business tools are located within My Barefoot and the following are available:

    • Online Marketing Tools includes Facebook banners and buttons, eCampaigns, images and more.
    • Printable Materials includes signage for your events, fact sheets with in-depth information on our books and special announcements. 
  • Barefoot Books strives to provide Ambassadors with a plethora of training sessions through a variety of platforms.

    • To view video trainings that will kick your business into high gear, visit our Training Library.
    • To catch up on past special trainings, eChats and community calls, visit our Recording Library.
    • Join us in person! Barefoot Books hosts a variety of themed calls, Conferences and workshops throughout the year. The current schedule is always posted in Live Events.
  • The Ambassador Business Centre (ABC) is your one-stop location for all reports relating to your business. Accessible through My Barefoot, you will be directed to the ABC home screen. Once there, you can access the following from the top menu:

    • Personal Reports: You can view your sales summary under Business Metrics, your commission statements under Reports and your progress in the latest Ambassador Challenge under Incentives.
    • Team: You can view the details of all of your team members under Team Details. Prefer to see your growing team in a visual format? You can see a graphic representation of your team under Team Genealogy.
    • Contacts: If you so choose, you can use the Contacts portal to store all of your business contacts.
    • Reporting: To access in-depth information about your business, look no further than Reporting. Get details on your Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV), view your Personal Sales, view sales that come through your online Marketplace in Referral Sales and see how your team is doing in Team Sales
  • This report provides you with information on the status of our products so you can check the stock for the books you wish to order. If you are an Ambassador in North America, the report will be from our US warehouse. If you are an Ambassador in Europe, the report will be from our UK warehouse. The comments column gives you additional information about each product. 

  • Sending your customers any Barefoot Books URL with your Ambassador affiliate code added, is a quick way to earn 30% commission on your customers' online Referral Sales orders. Just follow these steps:

    • Log into your Ambassador account online and visit My Barefoot. Your affiliate code appears on the last line of the At-a-Glance display on the right hand side.
    • Choose a link that you want to send to your customers. Do you want to direct them to a particular book, or a shopping category such as ‘Bestsellers?’ Once you have selected a link, copy the entire URL and remember to attach your affiliate code to the end, as follows:
      • If the link ends in html, add /?bf_affiliate_code=000-0000 and replace 000-0000 with your unique affiliate code.
      • If the link does not end in html, add &bf_affiliate_code=000-0000 and replace 000-0000 with your unique affiliate code.
      • If a link doesn’t work and you are using a ‘&’ to connect the page URL and your code, try changing it to a ‘?’ or the other way around (if you are using a ‘?’ try a ‘&’).
  • At Barefoot Books we strongly believe in maintaining an open line of communication across our company. As an Ambassador, you can expect to receive the following communications via email:

    • Weekly Update: Sent out every Monday, this is the best resource for knowing what’s what in the Ambassador program.
      New Release Emails: Sent out whenever a new release is available, these emails will let you know when the latest titles are available for purchase.
    • Maintenance Emails: If we have upcoming website maintenance or other program changes, we will let you know immediately.
    • Inactivity Notices: If you are in danger of being deactivated from the Ambassador Program, you will receive 60, 30 and 10 day reminders to get your activity rate up.
    • Other: When special events or initiatives are announced, you may receive additional emails.

    Having trouble receiving our emails? Please make sure you’ve added as a contact in your address book so that our emails are not redirected to your spam folder. You can also view the Weekly Update in the My Barefoot portal, which will include all of the above information excluding Inactivity Notices. These are only sent via email. 

  • Cookies are created when a customer visits an Ambassador's online marketplace. These cookies expire after 180 days unless otherwise prevented or cleared by the customer.  Web browsers Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer all have default settings to keep cookies until they expire; however, there are several different ways a customer can customize their cookies for privacy purposes (e.g., to expire every thirty days, to clear when they close their browser, etc).  Alternatively, the customer may choose to clear their cookies/cache on an ad hoc basis. 

    Generally, the customer's browser will remember you as their Ambassador for the 180-day period of time and attribute the customer’s purchases to you for the purposes of online Referral Sales commissions. Even if the customer places an order on the main Barefoot Books website (e.g. following an e-campaign directly from Barefoot Books), the link to the Ambassador remains and the Ambassador will receive the commission for the online Referral Sales order.

    For more information on cookies, please view the following detailed guides by the most commonly used web-browser services:

    Internet Explorer:
    Google Chrome: 
    Mozilla Firefox:

    Please note: Online Referral Sales commissions are always paid based on the most recent Ambassador link or code attached to a customer. In the case that a customer’s email is attached to one Ambassador, and that customer subsequently visits and then buys through another Ambassador’s marketing efforts, the new Ambassador will receive the commission for that referral sale and any future sales, unless the customer later orders through the original Ambassador's (or another's) online Marketplace.

  • We encourage you to work with your local media and bloggers to promote your Barefoot Books business. Bloggers might be especially interested in writing reviews and/or promoting a discount code link to your marketplace. For further guidance, please refer to the following resources in the Training Library:

    To ensure brand consistency and for us to potentially share with our broader Ambassador community and on our social media sites, please share your media mentions with us by emailing

  • There’s nothing quite like talking to a live person, especially when you’re getting started. To make contact with other Ambassadors and Barefooters, you can do the following:

    • Visit the Barefoot Books Forums. Here you have access to the entire Ambassador network. It’s a great place to ask for advice, learn how others run their business and catch up on the latest news.
    • Contact your Global Ambassador Program Director Marsha Mitchell is a great resource for everything from getting started to finding your first party host. She is always accessible by email at
    • Contact our Ambassador Support team (Help). Do you have an immediate question that only Barefoot Books can answer? Email 24/7 and describe your question in as much detail as possible. 
    If you are emailing for ordering or website issues, please follow these instructions to assist them in answering your technical questions more quickly.  

    1. Take a screenshot of the issue. Multiple screenshots are better to fully understand the issue. You must include the date and time that is displayed on the computer screen, as seen here: 

      Not sure how to take a screenshot? Use this website to learn how on your specific computer. 
    2. Email with the screenshot attached. Provide as much detail as possible. What were you trying to do? What happened exactly? What steps did you take? What browser are you using? What was the specific error message? 
    3.  If it's an urgent issue that happens over the weekend, AND copy Karen
    4.  If the issue is happening during customer care hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm), try calling 866.215.1756 (US and Canada) or 0800 328 2640 (EU)  to get the quickest response. 
    5. The person having the issue should email help@barefootbooks.comdirectly. Reporting issues secondhand will result in delays. 

    NOTE: Especially for time-sensitive issues or orders, you must include the date/time in the screenshot and email immediately so the date and time are documented. Without the verification of the date and time, it is not guaranteed that the orders/sales will be backdated. This may affect your Personal Qualifying Volume during a certain time period. 

Ambassador Leadership Ladder

  • If you’re interested in building your own team, then sponsoring your first Ambassador is the way to go!  You can become a sponsor regardless of whether you have a sponsor yourself; you don't need to be in a team to build your own; and you can begin sponsoring as soon as you've registered for the program. Any Ambassador who chooses you as a sponsor will become part of your Personal Team. 

    When recruiting your first team member, please remember that it is considered unacceptable for an existing Ambassador to solicit an “unattached” Ambassador to join their team. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include contacting the unattached Ambassador via their profile, email or phone without a prior relationship, or without having a correspondence regarding team membership initiated by the unattached Ambassador. You may respond to new Ambassador queries via email or in the forums, or if a new Ambassador contacts you directly.

    Once you meet the Team Leader qualifications as described in the Ambassador Leadership Ladder section below, you will be on the road to maximizing the Ambassador Compensation Plan.

  • It’s your business and completely up to you as to whether you want to focus on achieving and maintaining Ambassador Sales Leader and/or Team Leader status, and their associated benefits. These leadership paths are not mutually exclusive — you can hold both positions as long as you meet the maintenance criteria.

    Here are the steps to qualifying and earning as an Ambassador Sales Leader:


    • Achieve combined monthly PQV (Personal Sales and online Referral Sales orders) of £400 or more for two consecutive months. 
    • Sales Leader status is awarded following the close of the second month and is confirmed in your commission statement.


    • Continue to achieve the minimum Sales Leader level of £400 PQV each month.
    • If you fall below this minimum, you will only be paid as an Ambassador but you will retain your Sales Leader status and other benefits for two months. If you do not then achieve £400 PQV within these two months, you will be demoted to Ambassador status and need to achieve the qualification criteria again.

    Here are the steps to qualifying, maintaining and earning as an Ambassador Team Leader:


    There are six Team Leader levels. To qualify for each level in turn, you need to achieve the criteria listed below for two consecutive months.

        • Level 1: Turquoise Team Leader
          • Have three or more personally sponsored active team members
          • Bonus qualify by achieving £200 PQV or more
          • Achieve a minimum of £1500 (Team Qualifying Volume (TQV); this figure combines Personal and Team Sales, including the sales of anyone you have personally sponsored and anyone they have sponsored
        • Level 2: Chartreuse Team Leader
          • Have three or more personally sponsored active team members
          • Bonus qualify by achieving £200 PQV or more
          • Achieve a minimum of £1500 TQV; this figure combines Personal and Team Sales, including the sales of anyone you have personally sponsored and anyone they have sponsored
          • Have one 1st Generation Breakaway Leader
        • Level 3: Amber Team Leader
          • Have three or more personally sponsored team members
          • Bonus qualify by achieving £200 PQV or more
          • Achieve a minimum of £1500 TQV; this figure combines Personal and Team Sales, including the sales of anyone you have personally sponsored and anyone they have sponsored
          • Have two 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders
        • Level 4: Saffron Team Leader
          • Have three or more personally sponsored active team members
          • Bonus qualify by achieving £200 PQV or more
          • Achieve a minimum of £1500 TQV; this figure combines Personal and Team Sales, including the sales of anyone you have personally sponsored and anyone they have sponsored
          • Have four 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders
        • Level 5: Crimson Team Leader
          • Have three or more personally sponsored active team members
          • Bonus qualify by achieving £200 PQV or more
          • Achieve a minimum of £1500 TQV; this figure combines Personal and Team Sales, including the sales of anyone you have personally sponsored and anyone they have sponsored
          • Have six 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders
        • Level 6: Amethyst Team Leader
          • Have three or more personally sponsored active team members
          • Bonus qualify by achieving £200 PQV or more
          • Achieve a minimum of £1500 TQV; this figure combines Personal and Team Sales, including the sales of anyone you have personally sponsored and anyone they have sponsored
          • Have eight 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders


    • Continue to achieve the appropriate Team Leader status criteria listed above.
    • If you fail to meet the appropriate criteria, you will only be paid as an Ambassador but you will retain your Team Leader status and other benefits for two months. If you do not then achieve the appropriate Team Leader criteria within these two months, you will be demoted to Ambassador status and need to achieve the qualification criteria once again. 
  • As an Ambassador Sales Leader you enjoy the perks of being an important member of our Leaders community and you also benefit from a higher monthly Personal Sales Bonus.

    For Ambassador Sales Leaders, earnings and benefits include:

    • A higher monthly sales bonus of 12.5% if you achieve £400–599.99 PQV, or a 15% monthly sales bonus if you achieve £600 or more in PQV.
    • A 4% Personal Team Bonus on your personally sponsored team members’ Bonus Volume. However, as a Sales Leader you are not eligible to earn on your Central Team unless you always qualify as a Team Leader (on any level).
    • Access to special Leaders-only forums, regular e-chats and conference calls.
    • Access to in-depth, one-on-one Leadership training, sneak previews of new products in the pipeline and insight into upcoming Community and Programme developments.
    • Additional perks and benefits as you climb the Leadership Ladder, including a listing near the top of the Find an Ambassador > Profiles section on the website and different profile badges to help you stand out to potential customers and team members.

    For Team Leaders, earnings and benefits include:

    Team Leader

    Personal Sales Bonus (if you are also a Sales Leader)

    Achieve £200–399.99

    Earn 10% on your Bonus Volume (BV)

    Achieve £400–599.99

    Earn 12.5% on your BV

    Achieve £600+

    Earn 15% on your BV

    Personal Team Bonus

    Earn a 4% Personal Team Bonus on the PQV of each member of your Personal Team (those you have personally sponsored).

    Central Team Bonus

    Earn a 4% Central Team Bonus on the PQV of each member of your Central Team (those you have personally sponsored, plus those sponsored by them, and so on).

    Fun Fact: You earn a total of 8% on the PQV of those you have personally sponsored (4% Personal Team Bonus PLUS 4% Central Team Bonus).

    1st Generation Breakaway*

    Earn 7% on your 1st Generation Breakaway Team Leader’s team (a Central Team member who becomes a Team Leader “breaks away”).

    You earn a total of 11% on their sales (7% plus 4% Personal Team Bonus) if you have personally sponsored them. Your Central Team Sales will no longer include the breakaway member’s team sales.

    2nd Generation Breakaway*

    Earn 5% on your 2nd Generation Breakaway Team Leader’s team.

    *For a grace period of two months, beginning in the month that each Team Leader promotion/breakaway occurs, you need to have combined Team Qualifying Sales of £1,000 or more in order to qualify as a Team Leader. 

  • The Lead Allocation program connects people who are interested in becoming an Ambassador with an active Ambassador to answer any questions they may have. This is an effective way to personalize the decision-making process and share your insight as a current Ambassador.

    The program is run by our Home Office Team. Home Office will send participating Ambassadors leads in the form of name and contact information. The responsibility of the Ambassador is to contact the interested prospect (ideally within 24 hours) and share relevant information to help the prospect make the decision about joining as an Ambassador.

    To be eligible to participate in this program, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Bonus Qualified ($300/£200 in personal volume) the previous month
    • Have a minimum of two active team members each month
    • Make the time to follow up with leads via email or phone call within 24-48 hours.
    • Respond within 48 hours to as to how you've been able to make contact with the lead, whether email or phone call. If you do not respond, the lead will be reassigned.

    To receive leads, you need to OPT-IN to this program by sending an email to with the subject line: Lead Allocation.

    Once you are eligible to receive leads and you have sent in your request to opt-in you will need to meet the criteria as stated above each month to continue in this programme.

    Home Office will monitor the status of all participants to ensure criteria is met at the end of each month

    Please note that if you do not opt into this program, you will not receive leads from Home Office.

Barefoot Parties

  • Barefoot Parties are home events through which Ambassadors introduce guests to the Barefoot brand and products. Home events are a proven, highly scalable method for business growth in the social selling industry.

    Barefoot Parties follow a six-step model that is based on direct selling’s best practices and is designed to help you reach your three major business goals: BUY, HOST, and JOIN. A Barefoot Party can be child-friendly or just for adults. We offer several turn-key, themed parties with detailed step-by-step instructions. While Barefoot Parties do not need to have a specific theme, manyAmbassadors find the themes useful for marketing the parties.

     Once you are comfortable with the six-step party model, you can apply any theme of your choice to a Barefoot Party.

     Barefoot Parties can also be held virtually through Facebook. For more information, see our Facebook Party training page.

  • Upon getting started, we recommend that new Ambassadors host their own “launch” party and invite their network of local friends, family and acquaintances. In order to subsequently grow your business using the party model, you will need to find other people to host Barefoot Parties. Finding party hosts is also referred to as “getting bookings.” A party host can be anyone in the community who is interested in inviting his/her contacts to a Barefoot Books party. The party does not need to be in the host’s home; it can be any place that will work well for everyone involved, such as a local park or indoor community space. The host is responsible for inviting his/her contacts, finding a place for the party (if it is not in his/her home) and providing simple refreshments. It is the role of the Ambassador to coach the host on how to invite people, how to encourage attendance and how to prepare for the event. The Ambassador will also attend and facilitate the event.

     Hosts receive several incentives for hosting a party. To learn more about host rewards, see the Host a Party page

     Marketing materials advertising the opportunity to host a Barefoot Party can be found in Printable Materials

     Training on how to find and coach party hosts is available in our New Ambassador Training section and our Recordings section

  • reasonable goal to strive for is $300/£200 in product sales per party, including rolling orders that are placed after the party has ended. It can help to keep the purchasing window open for 1-2 weeks after the party; this allows you to follow up with people who were unable to attend, as well as people who did attend but did not purchase at the actual event.

    Another goal for each Barefoot Party is to find at least two new party hosts. Booking two future parties at each event ensures that youextend your reach throughout the community and maintain a thriving business.  

    A third goal for every Barefoot Party is to share information about the Ambassador Opportunity. Every party is a place where you are meeting people and building relationships. It is a place for you to showcase what you love about being an Ambassador. Be genuine, be honest, be yourself! Once you have shared the information, offer each guest the opportunity to hear more about the business by scheduling time to discuss it with you. It can be at the party before they leave or you may prefer to follow up at a later time. This is a time where you can also extend your reach and build your business. 

Community Events

  • A community event is defined by Barefoot Books as a rented space at a convention, exhibition, craft or book fair, farmers’ market, educational conference or any other venue in which Barefoot Books products are displayed for sale.  All Ambassadors are eligible to participate in community events provided they follow the rules and regulations defined by the event. 

  • When reserving your event space, please register under the name “Barefoot Books” to indicate that you are representing Barefoot Books. Even though you may be running the event to raise money for a charity or local school, you should register under Barefoot Books and not the charity’s or school’s name. If you operate under a DBA business name, you should still register for the event under "Barefoot Books." 

  • A community event conflict occurs when an Ambassador registers for an event that another Ambassador has either participated in previously or has also registered for. In the case of a conflict, it is your responsibility to contact the other Ambassador involved and come to a resolution that’s satisfactory for both sides. We can, however, recommend the following course of action:

    • When you encounter a new event and contact the organizer to reserve your space, be sure to ask if another Barefoot Books Ambassador held it the previous year or has already registered for the event this year. If there was an Ambassador there the previous year, you should contact that person and ask if they are participating again. If they are not, you are free to engage the space for the event, as long as no other Ambassador has already booked the space. 
    • If it is within 30 days of the event and the previous participant/Ambassador has not yet registered — and your attempt to contact the Ambassador has been unsuccessful — you may sign up for the event. If the event organizers will not give out the previous Ambassador’s name, you may add your name to the list as a follow-up vendor in case the organizers don’t hear from the previous Ambassador within 30 days of the event.
    • If this is the first year in which you and another Ambassador are attending the same event and you don’t discover the duplication until the event is in progress, you should make contact with the other Ambassador. Whoever lives closest to the event geographically should be allowed to be the sole participant the following year, provided that the Ambassador has registered for the event under the name "Barefoot Books." 
    • If the situation cannot be resolved at this level, please make contact with your respective Ambassador Leaders to help facilitate the situation.

    Ultimately, our wish is for all Ambassadors to show a mutual respect for one another in these situations, and be able to communicate and work through them together.

  • Ambassadors may choose to fundraise with organizations they are interested in supporting, including local schools and non-profit organzations. There are two primary ways in which an Ambassador can fundraise:

    • Book or goods drive: customers purchase items for the organization
    • Cash fundraiser: a percentage of sales within a designated time period is given to the organization; the percentage of sales is determined by the Ambassador

    You could also do a combination of both. After the fundraiser, the Ambassador will need to deliver the goods collected and/or deliver the cash or check to the organization.

  • You can use Event Codes to track which customers visit your Marketplace after an event. To set up Event Codes, watch this helpful tutorial or follow these simple steps:

    • Log into My Barefoot
    • Go to Marketing
    • Go to Events
    • Add New Event
    • Name the event
    • Fill out the information in the Event Codes form, if applicable

    Be sure to set up your Event Codes before the event so you can publicize the code to your customers.

Employment Status and More

  • When you become a Barefoot Books Ambassador based in the UK, or if you plan to register soon, you are responsible for informing HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that you are starting up in business as a self-employed person. You are also responsible for paying your own tax and National Insurance contributions and will need to keep business records and details of your income so you can fill in an annual Self Assessment tax return.

    Follow the link for more helpful guidance:

    Please note: For those Ambassadors based in other countries, it is your responsibility to adhere to local government regulations for operating a business.

  • Public Liability Insurance is low cost and can cover you at various events such as fairs, fêtes, and parties, in fact, some event organizers require it.  It's also a sound idea to ensure that, , you are protected should a claimant sue you in the event of an accident. As a self-employed person, you otherwise have unlimited liability if you cause an accident, such as a serious injury as a result of your negligence, which means you could potentially lose everything (including your home).

Barefoot Books Code of Conduct

  • The creation and sale of any products by Ambassadors that incorporate Barefoot Books name, logo, artwork, illustrations or any other copy-written materials is expressly prohibited.  We do have printed and online marketing materials on our site which you can utilize. However, anything beyond those items cannot be used for commercial purposes.

  • Ambassadors may not use the Barefoot Books logo or any other creative property of Barefoot Books to create their own products for sale. Doing so is considered trademark and copyright infringement and can result in expulsion from the Ambassador program. Ambassadors may only use the Barefoot Books logo for marketing materials that are used in conjunction with their business and are not offered for sale, such as invoices, emails or other personal marketing materials.

    Ambassadors may choose to produce additional marketing items with a third-party vendor using the Barefoot Books logo only if these items are for personal use. Examples include purchasing decals, branded bags, banners, etc. that are then used solely by the Ambassador purchasing them; these items cannot be sold to other Ambassadors. An exception is made when a group of Ambassadors purchases a large quantity of an item on a single order to obtain bulk pricing discounts. If a branded item is being mass-produced in this way, please let us know at so that we can ensure the brand guidelines have been properly met. Ambassadors involved in group purchases are the only ones who may utilise the products purchased in the transaction; they may not sell any of the products to other Ambassadors.

    For more detail on how the Barefoot Books logo can be used, please visit the Branding Guidelines Page

  • Always identify your relationship with Barefoot Books as a "Barefoot Books Ambassador". You may not identify yourself as an owner or employee, and Barefoot Books prefers that the term “sales representative” not be used. This applies when creating your business name and marketing materials, and when using social media. Under no circumstances should you use “Barefoot Books” without “Ambassador” in branding, URLs etc.

    When identifying yourself as an individual or a business, online or offline, you cannot use “Barefoot Books” without some sort of modifier. Your relationship to Barefoot Books needs to be clearly stated, in order to avoid confusion between your individual Ambassador business and the corporate company.

  • Ambassadors are prohibited from selling to all retail outlets. Should you be approached by a retail outlet interested in selling Barefoot Books products, please contact with their contact information. 

  • Our CEO and co-founder, Nancy Traversy, recently discussed this in our Ambassador forums. Please see her letter below:

    Hi everyone,

    I realize it is distressing for Ambassadors to see our books listed on these mass market sites at a discount. It is distressing for me too. As most of you know, we supply Barefoot Books to two major wholesalers in North America, Ingram and Baker and Taylor, in order to be able to service the library and independent retail market. Both of these wholesalers offer comprehensive programs and services for schools and public libraries which, as a small company without this expertise or resource, we are unable to provide. We want our books to reach as many children and families as possible, and being in school and community libraries is therefore very important to us.

    Unfortunately, when our titles are listed in the databases of these large wholesalers, mass market distributors like Wal-mart have automatic access to them. This enables them to add all new products to their websites, usually at deep discounts, in order to appear to offer as wide a range as possible, even though they are not actively promoting these products and have not purchased inventory. We have asked multiple times for Ingram and Baker and Taylor not to supply these mass market accounts, but they have so far been unable to filter requests like this for individual publishers. Based on everything we know and the reports we receive from these wholesalers, supplies of Barefoot Books to mass market distributors are negligible, if non-existent. Here is what our buyer at Ingram came back with yesterday:

    I know that Wal-mart has an account set up which I think they only use for CDF (Customer Direct Fulfilment) for their website but honestly I have never seen their name on any demand check for any of my accounts. I understand that they are a very negligible demand customer and not one we have actively worked with. I think they just use Ingram so they can list titles on-line that they do not want to bother with on-hand stocking.

    I hope that this goes some way to alleviate the concerns some of you have expressed. It is the personal relationships, knowledge and passion that Ambassadors bring to their communities that will be the key to our collective success.

    Best wishes,
    Co-founder and CEO

  • The Ambassador Programme Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Leaving the Ambassador Programme

  • There are three ways you can temporarily leave the Ambassador Program with the approval of Barefoot Books: maternity/paternity leave, emergency leave or sabbatical leave. These leaves are available to Ambassadors who meet the following criteria:

    • Maternity/Paternity Leave: An Ambassador who is welcoming a new child into the family. 
    • Emergency Leave: An Ambassador who is prevented from performing their business duties (sales, recruiting, hosting events) due to an illness, family emergency, caring for an ill family member, or other similar situations. 
    • Sabbatical: An Ambassador who has maintained 12 consecutive months of Team Leader status at any level or multiple levels, and feels that their business would benefit from a hiatus. Sabbaticals can only be taken once in an Ambassador's career, regardless of reactivation. 

    There are restrictions for each type of leave:

    Leave Type

    Max number of consecutive months

    Max number of times allowed

    • Active Threshold is temporarily suspended
    • Ambassador ordering benefits remain 
      (30% discount, 15-20% FGA)
    • Eligible for Personal Sales and Team & Leadership Bonuses based on normal qualifying criteria











    To request a leave of absence, please email within 2 business days of the end of the month for written approval prior to your leave. Each request will be considered, but the final approval will be at the discretion of Barefoot Books home office.

    The intent of the Maternity/Paternity leave, Emergency leave, and Sabbatical is to allow an Ambassador to take time off without losing his/her team and his/her current title. Please review the following for clarification of what happens during a leave:

    • Paid As Title: PQV (£200) requirement is not waived You do not get paid if you do not meet your PQV 
    • Promotion: PQV (£200) requirement is not waived You can promote only if you meet all requirement for that level 
    • Demotion: PQV (£200) requirement is waived You will not be demoted based on not achieving your PQV. All other criteria for that level apply. 
    • Activity: Criteria to be “active”: Rolling 6 months (your previous 6 months) should equal £300 Maternity/Paternity/Emgergency/Sabbatical leave months do not count as part of that Rolling 6-month period in terms of the # of months However, whatever £PQV achieved during the Sabbatical/Leave months will count toward the Rolling 6-month PQV

  • There are two ways to leave the Ambassador program:

    • Deactivation
      Deactivation occurs when you fail to meet the following criteria:
      • Failing to maintain your Active Threshold of $300/[UK amount] in a rolling six-month period
      • Failure to pay your Ambassador Business Fee

    You will receive 60-day, 30-day and 10-day email notifications of your pending deactivation status. You can also monitor your Active Threshold in the Ambassador Business Centre.

    If you become deactivated you will lose your downline, which is defined as all Ambassadors in your Central Team, including those Ambassadors you’ve personally sponsored. Your downline will revert to your previous upline (i.e. your personal sponsor, if you had one). You will not be able to reclaim your downline if you reactivate.

    • Resignation
      Resignation is defined as voluntarily leaving the Ambassador Program. If you decide to leave the Ambassador Program, independent of deactivation, please complete the online Barefoot Books Ambassador Program Resignation Form to officially inform us of your departure and provide feedback on the program. Resignations must be received by the last business day of the month to be effective in the following calendar month. 

    In accordance with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Code of Ethics, if an Ambassador leaves the program within twelve months of their original Starter Kit purchase, they may return their currently marketable inventory for a repurchase rate of 90% of the Starter Kit’s original net price. Currently, marketable items are defined as products that are still in sellable condition. Sales aids or damaged, seasonal or discontinued items are not considered currently marketable. To review the DSA Code of Ethics, visit their website at

    You may advertise and sell your remaining Barefoot Books products on the Ambassador Forums, before your resignation goes into effect.  After your resignation has been processed, you may return products to the Barefoot Books warehouse following a prior agreement with Barefoot Books. Please email to arrange this.

    Any leave or resignation request must be received by the 25th in order to be processed.

  • Whether you were deactivated or resigned, we would love to have you back! Rejoining the program is called a reactivation.

    If an Ambassador reactivates within one month of leaving the program, there’s no fee to rejoin, but the Ambassador loses his or her team members and Founding Member status. When reactivating after 1-6 months, there is a fee of £19.99. When reactivating after 6-12 months, the Ambassador will need to purchase a new Starter Kit. After 12 months, the individual must sign up as a completely new Ambassador and may chose to join with a new team leader. During the month of reactivation, the Ambassador has the remainder of that month plus the following six calendar months to achieve an Active Threshold of £300 (any previous PQV amount is not included, you start from zero).

    To reactivate sign into your account, click My Account and then click Reactivate Your Ambassador Account. Follow the prompts and you will reactive your account.

    Here is a table to help break this information down even further:

    Time from leaving the program to reactivation:

    Payments due at time of reactivation:

    What remains of your previous Ambassador account:

    Other reactivation requirements:

    within the same month

    No fee due

    Affiliate Code &
    Marketplace URL

    original team leader


    calendar months

    £19.99 reactivation fee

    calendar months

    repurchase your Starter Kit for £89.99 amount


    calendar months

    repurchase your Starter Kit for £89.99 UK amount


    you will receive a new Affiliate Code and Marketplace URL, a series of on-boarding emails and new eligibility for Kickstart Bonuses


  • To remain an active Ambassador, you must achieve a minimum Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) of £300 or more over any rolling six calendar months. For example, if you are active from May to October, your collective PQV from each month would need to total £300 or more during that time period (e.g. £102 PQV in May, £80/ PQV in June, £0 PQV in July, £200 PQV in August, £0  PQV in September, £100PQV in October). 

  • Ambassadors are Bonus Qualified when they achieve at least £200 in total monthly Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV). When you are Bonus Qualified, you are eligible to earn monthly Personal, Team and Leadership Bonuses. 

  • On personal sales, this is calculated by subtracting your 30% upfront discount from your total Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV). For example, on PQV of £200, the BV would be £140 or 70%. BV on Referral Sales is calculated by subtracting the 30% commission you receive on your customers’ net sales. Monthly bonuses are calculated based on BV, not PQV.

  • Anyone you’ve sponsored and anyone they’ve sponsored (and so on) who is not part of a Breakaway Leader’s team. 

  • The 4% bonus paid on the combined sales of all members of your Central Team below the rank of Team Leader, including personally sponsored team members.

  • Founding Leaders are Founding Members who achieved a team leadership status by 31 October 2014. They are entitled to the same benefits as Founding Members, as well as additional Team Leader-only benefits. Should a Founding Leader lose leadership status after 1 November 2014, they will lose their Founding Leader status. The Founding status follows the compensation plan levels. If you achieve Team Leader status again at a later date, you will regain your Founding Team Leader status. 

  • Founding Members are any Ambassadors who joined the program by 31 October 2014—the end of the Founders’ Club enrolment period—and have maintained an active status. As Founding Members they are considered the founding Ambassadors of our movement and are entitled to special benefits.

  • The two-month grace period begins in the month that you promote out as a Team Leader. During this period, you only need to have Team Qualifying Volume (TQV) of £1000 or more in order to qualify as a Team Leader. 

  • Your PQV is the combination of personal qualifying orders that you place on the Barefoot Books website and your Referral Sales, and is based on the recommended retail, or special offer price, of any qualifying products. PQV is used to determine eligibility for monthly Personal, Team and Leadership Bonuses, and also used to determine if you meet the Active Threshold.

  • 10% to 15% additional bonus paid on the BV of your Personal Qualifying Volume and earned if you are Bonus Qualified.

  • All active team members whom you have personally sponsored, i.e. Ambassadors who are directly linked to you. 

  • This is a 4% bonus paid on the BV of each of your personally sponsored active team members, if you are Bonus Qualified. As a Team Leader, you earn a total of 8% on your personal team’s sales (4% Personal Team Bonus plus 4% Central Team Bonus). The Personal Team Bonus is paid even if one of your personal team members qualifies to break away as a Team Leader. If a sponsoring Ambassador leaves the business, the Personal Team Bonus will not be paid to anyone. 

  • Mainly items that are intended for resale and exclude Sales Aids, products purchased with your Free Gift Allowance, Starter Kits and Kickstart Bonuses. 

  • A Sales Leader must achieve personal sales of £400 or more in Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) over two consecutive months, thus earning a 12.5% PQV bonus. When a Sales Leader sells £600 or more, their PQV bonus increases to 15%.

  • The combination of your Personal Qualifying Volume (PQV) and your Central Team Volume. Team Leaders qualify for Central Team and Leadership bonuses if their TQV is £1,500 or higher


  • A member of your Central Team who qualifies as a Team Leader and breaks away. You earn a 7% bonus on the combined Central Team BVs of your 1st Generation Breakaway Leaders.

  • If a member of your 1st Generation Breakaway promotes out, this person becomes your 2nd Generation Breakaway. You earn a 5% bonus on the combined Central Team BVs of your 2nd Generation Breakaway Leaders.

European Ambassador Programme Closure FAQ

  • When will the European Ambassador Programme end?
    • The European Ambassador Programme will officially end on 31 August 2015. Starting on 1 September 2015, all access to online accounts will be terminated, commissions cannot be earned on any sales, and no website pages regarding the European Ambassador Programme will be functional.
    • The ability to join the Ambassador Programme ended on the day of the announcement - 11 June 2015. The “Join Now” pages are now inactive and hidden.
    When will my personal Ambassador marketplace, profile and ABC access shut down?
    • Your personal Ambassador marketplace, profile and ABC access will be shut down on 1 September 2015.
    • You will not be able to access your personal account and history, so we highly recommend that you download all of your monthly commission statements for your own business records.
    • If commissions are earned in August 2015, your final commission statement for August 2015 will be emailed to you directly.
    When can I place my last order?
    • The last day to place your Ambassador order is 31 August 2015.
    Will the website still be functioning for UK consumers to purchase on their own?
    • The consumer-facing website and shop will be operating as stock allows.
  • I just bought a Starter Kit. Can I get a refund?
    • If you joined the European Ambassador Programme on or after 1 April 2015, we will automatically refund you. There is no need for you to return your Starter Kit. Your refund should be processed by 15 July 2015.
    • If you joined before 1 April 2015, the current policy still remains that you may return your Starter Kit within twelve months of the purchase date. The Starter Kit must arrive with all items in a fully saleable condition to receive a full refund. Your refund will include the cost of postage, if you email a receipt, along with your packing slip, to
  • Will the Ambassador Renewal Fee that I have paid be reimbursed?
    • All Ambassador Renewal Fees that were paid on or after 1 January 2015 will be automatically refunded in FULL by 31 July 2015.
    If I have paid booth fees for any Events in the upcoming months, will you reimburse me?
    • We will not be reimbursing any fees associated with booking or holding Events. You can still attend and sell at your booked Events after 31 August 2015.
    • Upon request, we can provide a written notification of our UK closure to use as official proof to request a refund from the event organizer.
    Will I be able to sell my stock back to Barefoot Books?
    • If you were an active Ambassador as at 11 June 2015 you will have the option to return your stock and current sales aids to Barefoot Books. We will refund you for stock at 70% of retail price and the full retail price of Sales Aids once we process the return at our warehouse. This process could take up to 14-20 business days.
    • Credits will not apply to stock or sales aids that were earned as part of Challenges.
    • Normal DSA rules regarding returns will apply to Ambassadors who deactivated prior to 11 June 2015.
    • All returns should be postmarked by 31 July 2015. Shipments received after this date cannot be credited to your account.
    • Please send your stock at your own shipping expense in a package with tracking to: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd Faraday Close Durrington West Sussex, UK BN13 3RB Include a simple packing slip stating that this is a “return for Barefoot Books” with your first/last name, contact phone number, email address, ISBN of each item, and quantity for each list item. Upon receipt of the credit memo, our customer care team will be in touch with you to send you the refund. We will accept returns up to the end of 31 July 2015.
    Will you refund my cost of postage?
    • Yes, we will refund the cost of non-expedited postage for parcels sent from within the UK. Please send a copy of your postage receipt to with the same packing slip info as above.
    • If you are an EU Ambassador located outside of the UK please contact before sending any return shipments.
    Can I return my stock to the Oxford Studio?
    • If you were an active Ambassador as at 11 June 2015 you can return your unsold stock to our Oxford Studio between 27 July and 31 July 2015. You will need to include a simple packing slip stating that this is a “return for Barefoot Books” with your first/last name, contact phone number, email address, ISBN of each item, and quantity for each list item. Our customer care team will be in touch with you within 3-5 business days of your return to confirm the status of your refund.
  • Will I get paid commissions?
    • Yes. You will earn commissions through 31 August 2015, which will be paid out in early September. The commission payout minimum has been reduced to £0. You will be paid out on any commission amount that you earn.
    • You will receive commissions on all Referral orders placed on or before 31 August 2015 with your affiliate-coded link.
    • Please make sure your most recent bank details are saved under My Barefoot ? My Account ? Bank and Tax Info.
    Will I receive any other monetary compensation?
    • We acknowledge and understand that the closure of our UK Ambassador programme has been unexpected and very difficult for you, not simply from a business perspective but also, for many of you, because of the impact on your family lives. As a token of our appreciation for your tremendous commitment, energy and passion as Ambassadors sharing Barefoot in your community, we will be paying a Commission Bonus to all Ambassadors who were active as of 11 June 2015. This will be calculated based on your average monthly commission earnings for the past six months (December, January, February, March, April, and May).
    • Commission Bonus will be paid as part of the June commission cycle (in early July).
    • Ambassadors who deactivate in June will receive your commission statements via email by 15 July 2015.
  • Will there be any future sales?
    • Yes, in addition to our regular monthly special offers, we will share a special offer code that will be exclusive for EU Ambassadors. This code will be active for the full month of August and will not be made available to regular consumers.
    • Following the closure of the Ambassador programme on 1 September, we will share a special offer code exclusively with any Ambassadors who are still active during the month of August 2015. The discount associated with this code will be significantly higher than that offered site wide for regular customers.
    • Depending on how many Ambassadors take advantage of this discount code in the month of September, we will consider extending it exclusively to Ambassadors for the months of October and November.
    • Our goal is to allow Ambassadors to continue to purchase Barefoot Books at a significant discount should they wish to take advantage of the busy Christmas shopping months.
  • Do I need to formally resign by filling out a form?
    • No. All EU Ambassadors will be automatically resigned at the end of August 2015.
    • Again, we strongly recommend that you download your monthly commission statements for your own personal business records. You will not have access to these records after 31 August 2015.
  • Will I still receive my May Challenge prize?
    • Yes! You will still receive whatever you earned as a May Challenge prize. The same timing and process and will be followed. No cash equivalents will be substituted.
    Will I still be eligible to earn the June/July challenge?
    • Yes, but you cannot sponsor, so it will be difficult to do so. If you had new team members before the announcement (11 June 2015), they will count towards the June/July Challenge.
    • Challenges are intended to motivate you to grow your businesses. Due to the closure of the EU Ambassador Programme, we think that promoting a challenge will send a conflicting message. The next few months leading up to 31 August 2015 should be focused on winding down your Ambassador businesses.
    Will I still receive my Kickstart?
    • Yes! If you achieved a Kickstart level on or before 31 August 2015, you will still receive your Kickstart Bonus. This is an automatic process. No cash equivalents will be substituted.
  • Will our consumers still receive the Summer Reading Programme materials?
    • Yes, we will honour their signup and still send those consumer emails out. We will review the language and make sure all references to the Ambassador Programme accurately reflect the current state of the Programme.
  • Can I continue selling Barefoot Books after 31 August 2015?
    • Yes, you can continue to sell your stock of Barefoot Books for as long as you would like. You can also purchase books at a discount on the Barefoot Books website beginning in September 2015 and re-sell them in your community as an independent retailer through 31 December 2015.
    I want to continue purchasing Barefoot Books as a retailer. What are my options?
    • We have heard from many of you that you would like to keep sharing Barefoot in your communities beyond the end of this year. Thank you so much for your interest in doing so. At this time, we are considering different options but unfortunately cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide this opportunity. If we find a suitable partner who can supply our books in the UK, we will notify all of our EU Ambassadors immediately.
  • After the EU Ambassador Programme closes, how will I stay connected to the Barefoot Books community and keep getting news and updates?
    • We are so thankful to our wonderful UK Ambassadors for all of your support, friendship and, of course, for sharing Barefoot in your communities. We definitely want to stay connected so please continue to follow our Barefoot Books social media channels for updates and new developments. We will also email you directly as soon as we have any relevant information regarding EU distribution opportunities. Finally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with for operational or Ambassador programme questions. You can also email any of the Barefoot team ( if you have specific questions or ideas. We very much hope to stay in touch.