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Lauren's Barefoot Story

When I think back on my childhood, some of my favorite memories include the many times I curled up with a good book and got lost in a story. And when I consider all of the things I want for my own children, one of the most important is to share my love of reading with them so that they too can have these magical experiences themselves.  In our home, Barefoot Books has been instrumental in cultivating this love of reading.

Our family's love of Barefoot Books began when a friend sent us one when our daughter was born.  The engaging story, beautiful illustrations, links to additional learning--we were hooked!

There are few things I dislike more than selling things or asking others for money, which is why I had never previously considered a "sales" position of any type.  Fortunately, it never feels like I am selling Barefoot Books, rather it feels that I am just sharing something really special with others. I am confident that your family will love Barefoot Books as much as our family does!

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