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Jen's Barefoot Story

I was first attracted to the beautiful colourful illustrations that I saw in Barefoot Books. Out of the Blue drew me in and I got lost. The storytelling that respects children's intelligence takes us to far off lands, introduces us to new cultures, worlds of imagination and magic, and cultivates a respect for humanity and the natural environment. Could I gush more?

I signed up in 2014 and had so much fun telling everyone about these books that within 3 months I had earned one of the 7 coveted spots to the annual trip to our CEO's summer house in France the next year.

Whether you're interested to talking books, buying books, booking a party or event such as a bookfair at your school or exploring the possibility of joining my team -- please send me an email or call me 604-440-4201.

I look forward to watching you fall in love!

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