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Nicole's Barefoot Story

I first fell in love with Barefoot Books when my son was a baby and we recieved a copy of Elusive Moose. I loved how the illustrations were made from felt and paper and sequins and beads. I had never seen a picture book with so much texture!  I love crafting, and I really could appreciate how much time and effort it would take to create something so beautiful for a children's book.  My son is 6 now, and still loves his Barefoot Books.

I really love the diverse subject matter of Barefoot Books. There are stories from all over, and about the natural world. And of course, fantasy and adventure stories as well. There is something for everyone!  It is such an amazing feeling to watch a child read a Barefoot Book, or to read a Barefoot Book to your child. Every book is more than just a story, it's even more than just a work of art. It's a chance to connect with the little person in your life, and share something special. 

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