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Katherine's Barefoot Story

I am the blessed mother of a four year old little boy, who is also the reason that I am a Barefoor Books Ambassador.  In June we were introduced to these gems when we received my son's Babba Box. A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea was the featured story. Needless to say it became an instant favorite, and I went to the website to order more titles.  That is where I saw the opportunity to become an ambassador and was intrigued.  I signed up and received an information package, participated in an opportunity call, but it was truly my son who made me decide to become an ambassador.  He said, "You need to bring these books to other kids mom!"  And you know he was right.

I am also a first grade teacher, and I have been for the last 17 years.  As an advocate for the importance of instilling a love of reading into children at a young age, I need to share these books with others, just like they were shared with my son.  I feel like I have stumbled upon a treasure, and now I need to share the wealth I was shown.


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