Debbie's Barefoot Story

As a child I lost myself in books — as long as they had pictures — and I hope to continue doing so until I've very old! Virtually everyone in my family is artistic. From a very early age, I was always encouraged to draw, and I was surrounded by cousins, aunts and grandparents who were all very talented artists. Professional artists who have influenced my work include Ralph Steadman and Arthur Rackham. I'm inspired by music and dancing, and try to have a lot of movement in my pictures. I also draw from images in ancient art, stories, myths and legends, as well as those from my dreams. I find painting very soothing and I've always loved watercolour for its fluidity and flexibility. I enjoy bringing life to characters by imagining their voices and movements as well as their bodies and surroundings. Over the years I've created jewelry, textiles, ceramics, mirrors and candles, not to mention about twenty books for Barefoot. I live in Cornwall, England.