Stephanie Kammeraad

Stephanie's Barefoot Story

Hi! My name is Stephanie, and I'm a book-reading, journal-writing, soup-making, smoothie-inventing, vegetable-loving wife and mama of two! I'm passionate about the transformative power of story, and believe that every child deserves to have access to books that reflect themselves and their families, and that open their world up to the world of others. That's why I love Barefoot Books!  As a former Special Education teacher and story-time creator and facilitator, and now as a home-educating parent (and a mama through international adoption), I recognize in how many different ways Barefoot Books can be used and enjoyed with children of all ages. My family had enjoyed them for years before I learned about the ambassador opportunity. Once I found out about it, I said yes right away! I love being a Barefoot Books ambassador and seeing the faces of teachers, parents, and kids light up when they discover them through me. What a fantastic business to be in!

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