Jen Mills

Jen's Barefoot Story

Before having my girls, I received my Education degree and taught grade 6 for 10 years. Prior to that, I received my Zoology degree and worked with wildlife. I LOVE travelling and having interesting adventures and am excited to introduce our girls to some of the places we have been. I admit it.. I love anything Disney too :)

What attracted me to Barefoot? I walked into one of their boutique stores and immediately was drawn to all of the travel books for children, particularly We're Sailing to the Galapagos! I thought this is an amazing company bringing worldly knowledge to childrens' books. Plus the illustrations were out of this world.. stunning and so beautiful. I knew I had to sign up as an ambassador immediately!

What do I do with Barefoot?

School Book Fairs

Teachers Conventions

Personal Orders (yup.. lots of stock at home!)

Home parties

Classroom parties


Community Events and Gift Shows

Literacy Sessions for Moms and Babes/ Tots

I love sharing my passion for literacy and hope to do so with you! Give me a shout and lets talk books :) (780)232-5816

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