Pamela's Barefoot Story

Do you want to read children’s books that you love too?  Well then you need Barefoot Books. 

Barefoot offers books that are an authentic alternative to the commercialization of childhood and enjoyable for parents too.  Every book is designed with kids in mind. Children are naturally drawn to the books and their Barefoot Books quickly become their favorite books.
Many of the books come with CDs that sing or read the stories, these are ideal to keep kids occupied during car trips. The songs and narrations are done so well that they are engaging for kids and adults. Barefoot Books are narrated by the likes of Hugh Bonneville and Deborah Messing. 

So come and explore these wonderful books that consistently put magic and wonder back into childhood literacy while educating about ourselves and the world around us. So come on a world adventure with me and Barefoot Books. ...

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