Diana Dube

Diana's Barefoot Story

I became a Barefoot Books Ambassador because I have always loved books and reading with children. As a teacher, I love infusing my love for books into everything that I do. I believe providing a child with high quality books is important. Therefore Barefoot Books is very large part of my life. Our company offers enthusiasm for reading, creativity and discovery. Our books feed the imagination of children while instilling a respect for different cultures and a love for the planet.
As a Barefoot Books Ambassador, I enjoy helping people find beautiful, eco friendly children's books that kids love so they can feel joy in reading with their children and instill a love for books at an early age. I enjoy living barefoot and sharing Barefoot Books with my community through events and fundraisers.

I enjoy the flexibility and freedom of running my own business and am proud to lead a team of amazing women living Barefoot throughout Canada and the US.  My Barefoot business fits perfectly into my already busy lifestyle! Not only has Barefoot Books allowed me to run my own business, it has offered me a way to get involved in my community, ...

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